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Android Auto: New public beta release for latest UI features and Material You-based design

The "new Android Auto" goes to public beta. (Source: Google)The "new Android Auto" goes to public beta. (Source: Google)
“The new version of Android Auto” has entered the public beta stage. (Source: Google)
The latest public beta of Android Auto is the first to reflect the new update Google promised in January 2022. They include potentially useful tweaks, such as maps that could also be biased toward the driver as enhanced Assistant integration and improved zooming to various on-board displays. Notifications and status bar controls may also be more intuitive and less distracting in this new UI.

Google promised to update its Android Auto interface at I/O 2022 and expects it to Available in summer 2022. That prediction never materialized; however, it’s now reportedly starting to appear, albeit in a public beta for its Play Store app. The Mountain View giant notes that it includes new preview improvements for Android Auto The ability to adapt to more diverse dashboard screens. It can also distribute elements of the UI to greater effect with a new feature that pushes the map view toward the driver’s side. Alternatively, the map can now be set to fill the entire window the first time. Or, if the user wants a media card too (now with suggestions provided by the assistant), it’s been updated and it’s now more flexible to resize. Also, Android Auto’s bottom “

rail” now includes a handy app dock and now condenses notifications to the same corner as the typical status bar content. Google imagines this will make it easier to expand or collapse them as needed. Finally, Android Auto’s various cards have an updated, Material You-inspired design with rounded corners in this latest release. Unfortunately, due to the beta program of this application is full, so Unable to download At the time of writing, there’s no word on when its new features will make their way to the stable release, which for now will be addressed with improved Do Not Disturb settings and bug fixes. Buy Sony XAV-AX7000 on Amazon



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