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Android Subsystem for Windows 11 will soon gain support for Android 13

Microsoft introduced the so-called WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android) together with Windows 11 with the aim of bringing the two operating systems closer together through various integrations combine together. Now, Microsoft has quietly released an update roadmap for WSA, confirming that Android 13 support is in the works.

Along with Android

, Microsoft wants to add some useful new features. Easy file transfer between WSA containers and Windows is one of them. This will be a game changer as file sharing between your phone and PC will be as easy as drag and drop.

Windows 11's Subsystem for Android will soon gain support for Android 13

“Picture in Picture” may, for example, refer to having the WSA run in windowed mode on top of a native Windows application. And “Shortcut” is rather vague, and we don’t know what Microsoft means. This could mean easier access to certain features or apps on your phone directly from your PC. Finally, the company enables local network access by default.

Please keep in mind that WSA and its related features are limited to certain markets and a wider rollout is expected early on 2023. Microsoft has recently introduced many improvements and new features to WSA, such as printing, location + GPS, secondary display, microphone access, and more.





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