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Android TV 13 is officially released

Android TV 13 is now officially released, but you probably don’t expect to see it on any consumer devices in the near future. This is more of a developer milestone than anything else, as Android TV updates are typically slower and more widespread than regular Android updates. Even Google’s own Chromecast device received Android TV earlier this year 003.

Android TV 13 is officially out

Even if you receive today’s OTA, you are unlikely to notice any major changes because of version 13 Most of the additions are backend content for developers. The user interface is mostly the same. You can read the full changelog here, but we’ll still point out some highlights.

User adjustable resolution and refresh rate on supported HDMI source devices is finally a reality. Improved power saving at the OS level in general, including adding a method that allows the device to pause playback when the HDMI signal changes. The AudioManager API now supports supported audio formats and expected audio routing for speaker groups.

There is a new keyboard layout API 003 in Android TV, which allows selecting different language layouts for external keyboards. There have also been some changes to how keyboard and controller button mapping is handled, specifically for game developers.

Privacy and accessibility have also been improved. Hardware mute switch status (if available) is now reflected in the system privacy controls, and there are new user controls to access the microphone through the Assistant software.

As we said, you’re unlikely to see Android TV on your consumer device anytime soon 13, but if you’re a developer, you can now start using the full version of the OS-3 dev kit or the Android Emulator for TV on your ADT.

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