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Angelina Jolie adds a classic dress to her '70s-inspired summer wardrobe

Angelina Jolie’s fashion debut with her purpose-driven label Atelier Jolie and her upcoming collaboration with Chloé are highly anticipated. Meanwhile, in New York, she was seen out and about in her distinctive minimalist outfits, in a series of looks that could give a sense of the star’s upcoming style in her new role as a designer.

The Academy Award-winning actor-turned-designer was spotted wearing a stylish “70’s-inspired ensemble. Looks included a black V-neck wrap midi dress with an exaggerated belt detail around the midriff. Angelina paired it with a pair of black patent leather court pumps (she now loves a pair of granny shoes), a black Saint Laurent leather pouch and black aviator sunglasses with gray gradient shades (very American Hustle ).

Angelina’s closeup chic wrap dress.


Long before 1974 designer and philanthropist Diane von Fürstenberg launched her signature wrap dress, a groundbreaking dress that was designed soon A must-have in every modern woman’s wardrobe. This formfitting jersey garment has become a beloved fashion item, a symbol of female empowerment and liberation. “People say I invented the wrap dress, but let’s be honest , the dress made me,” von Fürstenberg previously told Vogue about its influence.

Today, wrapped Skirts continue to play an important role in the fashion world, as evidenced by brands such as Ganni, Nanushka, Zimmermann, who continue to use this iconic silhouette. Perhaps we can expect Angelina to incorporate wrap dress styles into In her upcoming collection, like the chic version she’s wearing this week.




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