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Angelina Jolie Timeless Style Hinges On This Staple Shoe

Footwear trends move fast: one second it’s all about the dad sneaker, then the next is focused on ’90s mary janes, then mesh flats are all anybody can talk about. But for some, the shifting shoescape is one best side-stepped in want of a timeless choice. For the ultimate example, look to Angelina Jolie, who prefers the elegance of the pump to practically any other option. 

Jolie’s summer wardrobe has offered a masterclass in sophistication, balanced silhouettes built of neutrals, luxe accessories, and generally a practiced balance of classic and cool. Pumps are an essential part of this equation. 

Jolie on June 28, 2023


Jolie on August 17, 2023

Raymond Hall

In June Jolie was photographed wearing a black leather pair, the stiletto heel and pointed toe accented by a subtle crease that communicated that the shoes are indeed made for walking. Next came a similar pair in onyx suede, which on Thursday transformed a knit, cut-out maxi into an outfit that proved summer’s ensembles can be as sumptuous as fall’s. And today, Jolie demonstrated a deft interpretation of the ballet trend (though, to be fair, she’ll also rock a flat) with a pair of patent Louboutin pumps in the dusty pink of a dancer’s slipper. 

Whether you call it minimalist or quiet luxury, there’s something to be said for trading flash and fad for a well-tread, streamlined fashion path. Pumps are quietly confident: they don’t demand attention, and so garner it anyway. Next time you’re shoe shopping, consider investing in a heel designed to stay in style.



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