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'Angry is being loud' – Kid Cudi returns to Paris with his second collection

Repeating the first success creates generalized stress. For Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, that’s not a problem. Best known as Kid Cudi, the accomplished music artist, occasional actor and avid designer insists that his second ready-to-wear collection actually proved to be an easier exercise — mostly because he There’s a lot of thinking going on, but also because he’s taking the long view.

“I didn’t become good at music overnight. I gave it my all before people knew who I was. With this series, I’m relieved, ’” Mescudi told Vogue on the last day of Paris Men’s Fashion Week. “It really felt like we were doing something…but it took some time to get that feeling, it’s a fucking thing.”

As a refresh, his clothing line Called Members, it exists in a psychedelic niche of trendy streetwear — oozing bright colours, grunge nostalgia, and anime-inspired futurism, all with a hip-hop twist. In January, he debuted the vision in a lively showroom installation at the Paris office of 247, the Italian collaborator overseeing production and distribution. Spring’ , the bold backdrops are back (a version of his at-home wardrobe, apparently!); only now, the lineup looks a lot more pared down.

Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi, in Paris

Photo: Amy Verner

247247 24

Kid Cudi Ever thought about joining a major fashion house as a creative director? Mescudi seemed conflicted, saying it was a long-term dream while still enjoying his creative freedom. “There is nothing cooler and more satisfying than owning your own brand and being successful on your own terms. With 247, there are no limits; It’s spoiled to start a brand this way. It’s exciting to have the most dangerous possibilities at your fingertips,” he says. “If I did do something like [become an art director], I always wanted to own my brand, my creativity, create my weird ideas and do what I wanted.”


Display One of the models in the studio wore a one-piece ruffled T-shirt with a house party print and the other a salmon-pink three-button suit with red ripped effects, Mescudi mused. He said he had no plans to de-escalate the situation. “This guy said to me today, ‘I can’t wait until a few years from now when things will be better and simpler,'” he recalls with a laugh. “Simple? No! I’ll never be a minimalist designer.” Naturally. To be angry is to be loud.




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