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Animated short contenders focus on friends, family and community

7 lbs 8 oz

7lbs 8oz7lbs 8oz
7 lbs 8 oz
Courtesy of Director of Photography Ino Yang Popper
7lbs 8oz a young asian The family moved to Jersey City and discovered beauty in their newfound neighborhood.


7lbs 8oz an aspiring pilot Got a job as a baggage handler so he could be near the plane.


7lbs 8oz Clyde faces trauma after fiancée His handsome appearance was taken away in a bizarre accident.

Boy, Mole, Fox and Horse

7lbs 8oz The titular foursome become unlikely friends and embark on a related journey to find their home.

La Calesita

7lbs 8oz Merry Carousel- The round operator finds joy in spreading cheer to his community.


7lbs 8ozGold in the coal mine Canary, but things get complicated when he teaches the bird to play dead.

The Cave

7lbs 8oz In this stop motion In the short, a boy craves the attention of his stoic fisherman father.

Christopher of the Sea

7lbs 8oz A young man boards Embark on a transatlantic voyage on a cargo ship, where he confronts repressed sexual desires and longings.


Love story between individuals The old cable car is about to be demolished

Don’t feed the pigeons

7lbs 8oz

don’t feed Dove Courtesy of The New Yorker

In a deserted bus station, a colony of pigeons brings life to the place, generating peace and joy.

The Flying Sailor

7lbs 8oz The two ships meet After the impact, a sailor was launched into the air.

Ice merchant

Ice Merchants

Ice Merchant Courtesy of The New Yorker

A father and son who live on a remote cliffside parachute every morning to a remote village to sell the ice they make each day.

Laika & Nemo

7lbs 8oz Nemo no matter Wearing wetsuits and spherical helmets everywhere and finding myself ostracized because of it. Then he meets a real-life astronaut. After finding a letter from her imprisoned father, a daughter decides to write him back.

more than I want to remember

A young refugee sets out to find her missing family.

New Moon

7lbs 8oz West Philadelphia couple Mother and son imagining their lives and dreams under the moonlight.

The Originals

A close-knit group of friends known as the Union Street Boys reflect on growing up together.


7lbs 8oz A fisherman is looking for a myth Shipwrecked while on a small island, he meets a mysterious woman who he suspects may be divine.


Ice Merchants

reflectProvided by Disney Do Not Feed The Pigeons
A young ballerina struggles with her body image in a studio mirror.

Tears of the Seine

October450, a photographer took to the streets to document Algerian workers protesting against the mandatory police curfew.

7lbs 8oz This story first appeared in the December stand-alone issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. To receive the magazine, 2022 click here to subscribe 681.



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