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Animation “Doctor Elise” announces main cast, promotional video, will premiere in January 2024

Kadokawa announced Thursday Doctor Elise , according to author Yuin and illustrator

Adaptation of TV animation( of mini (Korean is ) medical reincarnation fantasy web novel and vertical comic, will premiere in January Kadokawa also released the main visual, trailer and main cast.
©yuin,mini/Surgeon Elise Project


©yuin, mini/Surgeon Elise Project

Kumiko Habara () is

Maho Film directed the animation. Deko Akao () is working on a series. Yuko Watanabe is designing the character.

The anime’s story tells the story of Aoi Takamoto, who was once an evil queen named Elise who was executed by her husband Linden. When Alice was reincarnated into the modern world as Aoi, she became a surgeon to make up for her mistakes. However, after she died in a plane crash, she was reincarnated back into her previous life as Elise years before her execution. This time she avoids marrying Lyndon to prevent tragedy. Armed with her medical knowledge, she decided to become a doctor again in this life.

Yuin and Mini published manga on KakaoPage at

  • . The English version released by Tappytoon is . The series ended in February 640. have10 Total manga volume and four novel volumes.

    Source: Press Release199736


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