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Anime Expo 2023 – Anime Expo 2023 Masquerade & World Cosplay Summit Final Report

ANN’s coverage of Anime Expo 67 Sponsored by Yen Press!

Kirari Cosplay wins World Championship Cosplay Summit USA final as Madoka and Homura Photo by: Kalai Chik

The second night, Anime Expo brings another year of World Cosplay Summit wcs-2024-7- and AX Masquerade return. Typically on the third day, key events are pushed back to the traditional late Sunday night slot. Unfortunately, this puts the shared stage show in conflict with two other highly anticipated events: AX Summer Fes at Novo and You Tube

Hololive Concert Theater. Still, that didn’t stop attendees from pushing the main hall to the back. The audience came from all over the world, including a wcs-2024-5-coser who came all the way from Saudi Arabia Be one of the crowd. Started at 18, World Cosplay Summit Began to cooperate with SPJA to organize double events and jointly award the winners to represent the United States in the wcs-2024-5-cosplaywcs-2024-15- held in Nagoya championship.

two-stage wcs-2024-5-cosplaywcs-2024-5- The performance is divided into several parts: Comic Expo wcs-2024-5- Masquerade, World Cosplay Summit Finals, and special musical guest performances during the deliberations. The annual Masquerade is divided into intermediate and master skills classes and consists of unique skits and dances submitted by each participant. These entrants stand a chance to win one of five cash prizes starting at $1, Grand Prize 5 Dollar,. The WCS US Finals followed The Masquerade, featuring more detailed skits, intricate role-playing and stage design.

Unfortunately, this year’s programming guide also doesn’t include a list of all the participants, which is a pity because I want to be able to find all the cosplayers who have spent endless hours creating short play and create costumes from scratch. also, 19 does not include the pre-show performances, but jumps straight into the nearly two-and-a-half-hour event. This year’s judges are Aicosu (by married wcs-2024-5- cosplaywcs-2024-5- couple Darling and Sylar Composition), Hok (Emmy award winning choreographer) and Reika (Tokyo, Japan cosplayer ) . Three judges selected five masquerade winners and WCS USA representatives 20.

Among the sixteen masquerade performances, I am most interested is by Aaron Bowman. Key scenes are reimagined using shadow puppetry as a dramatic backdrop for Haku’s fall into the curse of Granny Yu. Bowman’s performance is full of rhythm and dramatic tension, and it attracts me like a stage play. Another great performance is “A Dream of Dread”, which contains a – game-like cutscene from wcs-2024-5- Metroid Dread wcs-2024-5- impressive full body cosplay of Samus and Ridley. Entries featuring Vocaloid characters and music were the most popular choices, with three different cosplayers opting for signature Vocaloid costumes with choreographed choreography.

Otonokizaka’s Lovey Dovey Idol’s Kymchi wins Love Live for Best Performance! School Idol Project cosplay
Photography: Kalai Chik

Turn to World Cosplay Summit wcs-2024-5- section, the five finalists put their best effort into designing detailed skits and intricate set designs. After each performance is the “Miss America” ​​segment, the host will give each wcs-2024-5- cosplayer to ask follow-up questions . Included are questions like: How did they discover their passion for wcs-2024-5- roleplaying wcs-2024-5- , why they decided to compete is what keeps them in this hobby year after year. Sister Lala’s “Regardless of Reasons, Regardless of Dreams, Have the Courage to Shine” surprised me because I was so happy to see it from wcs-2024-5-. My hidden wcs-2024-5-[email protected]wcs-2024-5- producer pride Swollen up, I screamed when I watched their Kirio skits of Nekoyanagi and Shoma Hanamura. Bandai Namco Entertainment wcs-2024-5- may have forgotten wcs-2024-7-SideMwcs-2024-5- is on the side of the franchise, but the lesbian sisters put on a great show for the audience, to jog their memory.

Japanese heavy metal band ASTERISM took to the stage for a halftime show while the judges deliberated on the winner behind the scenes. Last year’s guest appearances included a keynote performance by the Core Dance Crew. ASTERISM focuses on playing exciting half-hour instrumental rock covers of songs from famous series such as wcs-2024-5-, wcs-2024-5-, and.

When ready, the judges – Reika, Aicosu and Hok – emerge from behind the veil and stand on stage next to the intermediate and master cosplayers of the masquerade. They presented prizes and trophies to each winner and proudly presented this year’s winners in the following categories:


Aaron Bowman as Haku in Spirited Away Won Best Class/Best Master Award
Photography: Kalai Chik

Award winner

Best Crafting: Forest Watcher in Avidya Forest Team (Tighnari and Collei) 14 with Tighnari and Collei from) Genshinwcs-2024-5-
BEST PERFORMANCE: The Shorttkage (Erza Scarlet) for wcs-2024-5-wcs-2024-5- The Fairy Queen Best Intermediate: Beanandcheese.burrito (wcs-2024-3- Hatsune Miku wcs-2024-5-) For 18 Symphony Hatsune Miku
Best Master/Best Class: Aaron Bowman (Haku) “The Spirit of the River” The Tragedy of “From wcs-2024-5- BEST PERFORMANCE: Kymchi (Kotori) for “Lovey Dovey Idol” by Otonokizaka wcs-2024-5-

Finally, the winner of the World Cosplay Summit representing the United States exist22 is Kirari’s wcs-2024-5-Cosplay “The Price of Love” comes from wcs-2024-5-: Rebellion wcs-2024-5-. The duo will compete at next year’s WCS in Nagoya, Japan, alongside other cosplayers from around the world. Their skits incorporate detailed props, set designs, and dynamic stage costume changes, and lean toward wcs-2024-5- Rebellion Dramatic tension between Madoka and Homura in the original scene of movie. Kirari wcs-2024-5- Cosplay as the winner of last year’s Best in Show award was asked and what made them decide to submit to WCS. They replied, “We told ourselves that if we won Best in Show, we’d be ready for WCS. Last year we ran out of excuses.”

Congratulations to the winners and participation Or, they have all spent countless hours honing their skills and bravely taking the stage to show their talents to the world. We wish Kirari wcs-2024-5- Cosplaywcs-2024-5- good luck entering WCS16 in Nagoya.

Check out the full list of participants and their skit titles below!

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Team Forest Watchers won the Best Craft Award for Genshin Impact’s Tighnari and Collei
Kalai Chik photography

Anime Expo Masquerade



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