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Anime Expo 2023 – Bungo Stray Dogs S5 World Premiere

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Cangjin Qianqiu together 27704Crunchyroll stage. Considering how long the animated series has been around, one of the key questions is how the team can keep fans new and old to keep coming back. “I hope more people know , so that even those who have Having never seen it before, I was influenced by the people around me,” Nan said. “Although the show’s visuals were mediocre, we are now changing the poster to provide more action to keep viewers watching.” As he puts it, the intensity and ferocity of Atsushi and Akutakawa in the promotional image bodes well for the upcoming fight and war.

“We want newcomers and first-time viewers to relax their entry without being overwhelmed,” Kurakane said. “We did this so you can easily watch seasons one through four with the three-minute trailer we released.” With more than 50 episodes already released for season five, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for new fans to join in. challenging. “We want everyone who’s seen the show to be able to go back to something familiar, but we also want new first-time viewers to be able to step into the show without anything. Feeling intimidated or overwhelmed.”

At the end of the panel, each panelist was asked what they think fans should remember as they watch this new season. As Asagiri puts it bluntly, “everything”. “Although this story is about the battle between justice and terrorism, think about who is on the side of good and who is on the side of the evil enemy. If you were on either side, what would you do? I want you to think about these A constant of the genre.” While the story begins in Yokohama, the revelations in the most recent season are global, involving multiple governments and terrorist groups. Of course, there’s more to it.

Finally, when asked what he wants to do in the future, Asagiri raised six fingers. “Six or a new movie?” He looked at Minami with pleading hands. Considering the extensive expansion of the universe – including stage plays, novels, And live-action movies — no wonder he wants more adaptations of his work. “Personally, I wish Asagiri would give me more,” Nan responded. “I can’t fit into anything if you don’t let me read more. So let’s all wait.”




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