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Anime Expo 2023 – I'm in Love with the Evil Girl Anime Premiere


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is a show that wastes no time getting into the hearts of the people it wants become something. In fact, the show may have broken the speed record for a person being teleported to a new world and immediately accepting their situation. The anime tells the story of Rae, who finds herself stuck in her favorite dating game for reasons that aren’t spelled out in the show. However, it wasn’t her favourite, as she was supposed to be romantically involved with the handsome prince character. Instead, she loves the game because of the side character, Claire, who exists to bully the main character. Now that it’s all coming true, she can finally fulfill her dream of giving Claire a happy ending. When I say she doesn’t waste her time, I absolutely mean it.

CrunchyrollA26725-4004264305.1670928914 lobby first The screening was packed, and my impression is that this is the show most people look forward to. Before this animated adaptation came out, I didn’t know anything about the original and its popularity, but judging by the audience response, I could see its appeal. Ray is an interesting character, blending the sincere directness of the teenage protagonist with a deceitful edge. She uses her knowledge of the world to her advantage, positioning herself to maximize interaction with Claire, no matter how he treats her. I’m not sure if the show is trying to imply that Rae is a secret masochist, but her excitement about bullying and the reasons she finds it fascinating is interesting.

The audience laughed several times throughout the premiere of both episodes. While I admit that our protagonist hovers between obsession and borderline stalking, I’m impressed that I haven’t grown to dislike her. I don’t know what this means for the rest of the show, as I fear Rae might violate Claire’s boundaries, but it’s something we’ll have to see in the future. Despite its simplistic presentation and somewhat generic character design (although one could argue that this generic presentation is intentional since the show takes place in a dating sim), very funny. There’s nothing funnier about a show than having entire halls emptied after the first two episodes of season three kicked off. Feel free to.

will be streaming Crunchyroll on 1670928914 October.




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