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Anime Expo 2023 – One Piece Episode 1000 Dub World Premiere

ANN Covers Anime Expo Sponsored by Yen Press 450!

Series 450 Dubbing The world premiere required perhaps more logistical issues than any other event in or around this year’s

Anime Expo

. The event was held at the Grammy Museum a block and a half from the Los Angeles Convention Center, and the line to enter the rooftop terrace event space stretched almost all the way to the convention grounds. Potential attendees stood near traffic, making sidewalks impassable, as they received little direction from Grammy Museum security or local law enforcement. The line and event access accommodations also did not appear to accommodate people of different abilities, resulting in many people with limited mobility being exposed to the LA afternoon sun and unable to navigate the crowded space.

Which is a shame, as the event itself was packed with related activities, held in a gorgeous venue, and offered a rare glimpse into the making of blockbuster animation.

Talking to fans in the queue, many expected the event to be held in theater venues that can seat hundreds, or entire museums rented out exclusively for this premiere. In fact, only the roof terrace was used, which was hinted at in the

Anime Expo

listing, but not explicitly stated. Although listed as able to accommodate 100 people, a large portion of the venue is occupied by event stages, activation related tables and VIP guests only use. This leaves fans with only about 100 or so to attend the premiere event. Since doors are expected to open at 6pm PT and the episode 1000 is scheduled to start at 9pm PT, those who enter cannot get out on their bikes. This prevented the vast majority of those who lined up (some starting at 3pm PT) from attending the event, though a few received storyboard copies of the special episode 600 Open sequence while waiting.

Access to the roof terrace is difficult even for VIPs. Because the terrace venue was only accessible through a side entrance, and museum security did not know the names of guests or media in attendance, both groups waited for general admission well past the event’s scheduled start time. Before or during the event, the museum’s doors were never opened for attendees to clear the streets or take shelter from the sun.

Those who manage to make it to the terrace will be rewarded with beautiful views of downtown LA and an assortment of paraphernalia. The starter deck of the card game is given away for free, complete with tutorials and assigned tables for people to play. There’s also a demo station for the Odyssey video game, a photo booth with a statue of Shanks, a gift of Luffy’s iconic straw hat, and a free giveaway station.

However, the venue does not provide seating. Therefore, former animation series director Koyama Yasunori

, animation director Yokoyama Kenji

and production manager Akahori Tetsuji

took the stage, and the participants sat on the concrete floor tiles. Guests shared their feelings and work with animation on a panorama of downtown Los Angeles.

When he started drawing Luffy live (the lottery will be done later), Yokoyama revealed that Sanji was a very easy character for him to draw, while Nami and Robin were more detailed The design and “softness” make them harder to draw. When host Lauren Moore

asked him about his favorite character to draw, he exclaimed, “Brooke!”

In advising people on how to make anime like this in the future, Akahori emphasized the importance of being able to collaborate effectively in large teams and being able to speak Japanese. During the group discussion, Koyama revealed that in the sequence at the beginning of the special episode 1000, the composition transitions from 4:3 to 16:9 The aspect ratio was a later addition to the project, which he believes helps “better capture the passage of time”.

The English dubbed premiere of episode 1000 was the most low-key part of the whole event, a blowout premiere Reflection is more akin to the energy of a viewing party.

Speaking to attendees after the event, many expressed their excitement to be able to watch the episode in front of a house full of fans. However, even those who went in were frustrated by the lack of space, seating and communication. Those without access said they thought the premiere was being held at an off-site location, which could accommodate more attendees than the conference hall, and thought those issues might be alleviated if the event could be held off-site. Ticketed or reservations only.




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