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Anime/game music composer Hidekazu Tanaka arrested for attempted sexual assault

Police arrest year-old game and anime composer Hidekazu Tanaka was charged in Tokyo on Monday with attempted forced indecency – Japanese law including sexual assault terms of. NHK reported that Tanaka allegedly assaulted a teenage girl in a bicycle parking area at a train station in Tokyo’s Meguro Ward Talk dirty and forcefully hold her hand in August.

According to police, the girl reported the incident at a nearby police post. Police then reportedly found footage of a person stalking the girl from security cameras at the station. During his career Tanaka has composed many songs and soundtracks for anime and video games, most of which are Spent on the music production company Monaca . In his ‘s MONACA year), Tanaka is , and other anime created music and songs , , , , , , , , , , and. He left MONACA at the end of July . He is probably best known for writing the first opening song “Star!!” for Animation production, and composing music for animation. He is still bigger600 Compose and arrange many songs. ) franchise . Recently, he was credited as the composer of the second and fourth editions of the opening song “1·2·3” by . animation, and created the opening song “Ichigo Ichie Celebration” for the second season of the animation. He wrote the ending song “Calendar Girl” for the animation. Source: NHK via Hachima Kikō




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