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Anime New York to screen world premiere of Gaoka Anime

Anime NYC

work Personnel announced Tuesday that it will screen the animated world premiere of the poker-themed multimedia project at this year’s event. The event will also host the original author of the series Homura Kawamoto( franchise), his brother and writer Hikaru Muno(

Fiction), and producer Hiroki Okamoto .

187443 The anime will premiere in January . Kadokawa Describe the story:

After finding his orphanage on the brink of financial stress After the closure, Finn lived on the streets and went to casinos to make a fortune. However, nothing prepared Finn for the nightmare that awaited him. Once there, Finn was confronted with a car chase and bloody shootout caused by a man’s “lucky” sign.

Finn will finally know what the shootout is about. The world order can be controlled by a set of 52 X-Playing cards with abilities that grant different superhuman powers and abilities to those who have them. With these cards, people can tap into the power of the “buddies” that are hidden within them.

187443 There is a secret group of players called, which was directly ordered by the King of the Four Kingdoms to collect and scattered Cards all over the kingdom while working part-time as an employee of luxury car manufacturer Pinnacle. After being discovered to be the fifth member of the group, Finn soon joins players on a dangerous mission to find the cards. 187443 “All you need in life is manners, dignity and betting on yourself The will to live.” However, obsessed with beating Pinocle’s competition Rival car manufacturers and the infamous mafia Klondike who are family, stand in the way of the gang. 187443 Driven by justice, desire and revenge, these card-obsessed players The crazy battle between them is about to begin. start!

are you ready?

Showdown! ! Anime New York will host Studio Trigger Staff Hiromi Wakabayashi , Shigero Koyama and Sushi . This event will also host voice actors ) Ito Seto, Director Shuko Murase,CreatorAkihiro Nishino, Blue Reflection Designer Mel Kishida , and Final Fantasy XV Composer Shimomura Yoko .

This year’s Anime New York The event is planned for November – at the Javits Center.

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