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Aniplex, Acquire Reveal Hookah Haze Visual Novel With English Release

Aniplex and Acquire announced on Saturday that they are developing the Hookah Haze visual novel for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The companies will release the game in 2024 with Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and English text.

The visual novel’s Steam listing describes the story of the “human drama adventure”:

It’s the year 2xxx. The inexperienced Toru Sumiki lands a job managing Hookah Haze, a new hookah lounge on the outskirts of Akihabara, where he meets three eccentric girls. The story unfolds as the girls gradually open up to him, connecting through their fondness for hookah…

Aniplex and Acquire have also opened an English website for the visual novel.

In the visual novel, players select from five types of tobacco flavors and also try to create house blends. The Daily Specials players recommend on social media affect which girls will visit the lounge.

Source: Aniplex‘s YouTube channel



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