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Anitta's fiery VMA wardrobe is an ode to Brazil

First on the carpet, Anita wears a sculptural bodice and skirt from Schiaparelli’s fall collection. “From the moment I saw this dress walk the runway at Schiaparelli’s Paris Haute Couture show, I fell in love with it,” says Anitta. “I knew I needed to wear it.” The star was captivated by the dramatic details, especially the 3D heart that was strategically covered on her left side. “I especially like the detail on the heart, which covers my chest like veins,” says Anita. “The vein detail in my heart shows my love for Brazil.”

Anitta put on for “Envolver” She wore a red mesh and crystal bodysuit from Italian streetwear label GCDS, while her dancers wore skinny black pieces from up-and-coming label Andrea Adamo. “Beautiful and intricate details always appeal to me, and this is reflected in my rugs and performance looks,” says Anitta. “Obviously, I love red!”

However, this evening was more than just her fashion choice. “It’s a great honor to represent Brazil and make history,” Anita said. “I also enjoyed being there to show my support to the other wonderful and creative friends who came to the show.” She hopes fans will enjoy listening to her album Versions of Me, which is released this week. deluxe version to continue the dance energy. “I got to work with some impressive artists [on this],” says Anita, “and I’m proud to share it with the world.”

Below, take a closer look Watch Anita’s VMA night.



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