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Anna Faris Accuses Director Ivan Reitman of Substandard Behavior on Scrape


Anna Faris on the set of ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend’ talks about what she calls “one of my toughest movie experiences”. Speaking with guest Lena Dunham on Wednesday’s Unqualified podcast, Faris accused late director Ivan Reitman of creating a “reign of terror” on set.

Reitman — a well-known director who also directed the iconic comedies “Stripes,” “The Twins” and the first two Ghostbusters films — died in February at the age of 75.

On her podcast, Faris begins by asking if she can “speak ill of the dead,” before detailing allegations of inappropriate behavior she endured while filming the 2006 comedy.

“I mean, the idea of ​​trying to make comedy in this reign of terror — he’s a shout out. He’s going to let someone down every day,” Farris claimed the director. “My first day, it’s me.”

Faris said she was late the first day after the wardrobe accident and Reitman’s reaction left her feeling “angry, hurt and humiliated”.

The actress also said that Reitman “slapped me in the face” at “a weird moment.”

Faris, 45, previously shared the same anecdote in 2017, but did not name the director at the time.

“I was filming a scene where I was on a ladder and I was supposed to take the book off the shelf and he slapped my butt hard in front of the staff,” she claimed on her podcast. “And all I can do is giggle.”

The star then called the incident “no big deal” but noted, “He wouldn’t do that to the male lead.”



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