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AnnaSophia Robb Wears Danielle Frankel and Trevor Jonathan Wed Under the Harvest Moon

On the morning of the wedding, Anna Sophia and her bridesmaids and cousins ​​were in a room getting ready – everyone was busy, drinking champagne, dancing . “I was able to sit and watch and breathe while Cristin Armstrong and Carolina Gonzalez worked their magic,” she recalls.

Although AnnaSophia walked the red carpet a lot, choosing a wedding dress was a big deal for her. It’s a new and different experience. “Usually, I’m preparing for an event or putting on a costume for a character, so I’m always thinking about what the costume is saying and what the narrative of the day or scene is,” she explained. Because of this, it took Anasofia a while to figure out which direction she wanted to go.

“I remember the first time I went to Danielle’s studio, my jaw dropped,” the bride said. “Her gowns were unlike anything I’ve ever seen: modern and whimsical, but classic and timeless—a unique voice in the bridal world.”

Once she When the gown was on, she tried it on. During the pre-wedding fitting process, it was opened so many times that when the day came, it felt like putting on a precious old friend. “For Lord of the Rings fans, I’ll be here for a second,” AnnaSophia said. “It reminds me of Mithril – this precious, lightweight piece of armor that makes me feel invincible. The thin top layer flows lavishly whenever I move, but thanks to the deconstructed structure of the corset, I’m stuck in Perfectly crafted. It’s a balance of Grace Kelly and something new, totally Danielle.”

Anna Sophia chose to use her grandmother’s diamond stud earrings Decorative look. “She passed away at the beginning of Covid, and I knew it was most meaningful to be with me on our special day,” she said. Finally, when it comes to shoes, her stylist Thomas Kikis reached out to Roger Vivier. “Gherardo and his team are a couple and they made me a custom size 34.5 platform and pump,” says AnnaSophia. “The high heels are a tribute to Grace Kelly and add an extra sparkle.”

As the ceremony began, friends of the bride sang Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere” , as a tribute to the bride. A couple’s engagement story. “I didn’t want to miss their show, so our planner set up a speaker in the back of the barn so I could listen,” AnnaSophia said. “I felt really grounded and more concerned about getting our flower girl Alice excited, but when I heard the voices of my friends, I broke down, and Dad and I just needed to be quiet for a moment before walking down.”



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