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Anne Hathaway shows how to wear a big, boxy blazer this fall

The weather in New York City is almost perfect right now. In terms of style, this clear prediction means the time has come for jackets to shine, as layering for warmth is now crucial. And today, Anne Hathaway hits the streets wearing one of the season’s must-haves: a boxy, boxy blazer. She even gave sharp, ” s-style shoulder pads a surprising mod that also feels.

Boxy blazers are a huge trend in the fall 2022 catwalks – as seen on Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Michael Kors – So Hathaway was ahead of the curve with her oversized silhouette. Her roomy jacket featured a graphic plaid print, and to offset the bold pattern, she paired it with a more refined white mini dress. Hathaway’s accessories didn’t Fall into the sensibility of “, but succeed Made it feel absolutely hip and ‘. She wore giant bug-eye sunglasses and knee-high boots from the era, along with a leather clutch.

Hathaway’s latest statement look follows a string of award-winning ensembles from the star this year. Working with stylist Erin Walsh, she’s been experimenting with glittery Gucci mini dresses, brown leather trench coats and pink sequins from Valentino. “I dress more grateful and happier,” Hathaway told


in September. It looks great on her!



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