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Annie Murphy, a New York 'It Girl', Tries to Reform Her Father's Cult in 'Praise Petey' Trailer

Freeform releases the first trailer for its new adult animated comedy Praising Petey

, about how a modern-day woman would manage her late father’s cult.

Two-minute tease of New York in episode debut “The Guest” and “It Girl” Petra (aka “Petey”), whose life is turned upside down when she has to move from big city life to a place called a “neo-utopia”. It was a community her father had created, only it was different from most. Here, everyone is part of a cult. worse? They believe Pitty is their prophesied savior.

“Your presence means that the prophecy of the return of the great daughter has been fulfilled”

John Cho’ The s character speaks with a southern accent.

“Is this town okay?” Petey asks, before Kiersey Clemons’ character can answer, “No, We’re starving.”

But Petey doesn’t want to fulfill the prophecy of her daughter’s return. Instead, she wants to get out of it “Lady Boss” by untying her father’s grip on the desperate followers of the small-town cult. As Petey works to restore her agency to this community, she discovers how to find her voice along the way.

“There will be no more human sacrifices,” Pitty, wearing a Midsummer-style floral robe, told members of the Neo-Utopia community. “I have a vision for a new utopia, and it’s bright!”

All 20 Praise of Petey

episodes will premiere in July , 21, at pm ET on Hulu. The first two episodes will also air on Freeform on the same day, followed by two episodes per week. All episodes will be available on Hulu the next day. 360



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