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Another One UI 5.0 beta update for Samsung Galaxy S22 series rolled out

Users in Europe report that the third Android-based 22 One UI 5.0 beta software is now being distributed to Exynos-based Samsung Galaxy S22 device. The same update is expected to hit other markets this weekend.

The update itself is more focused on fixing software issues and bugs. For example, the new update improves the home screen return animation and overlapping elements when closing a folder. Additionally, you can now gracefully quit apps when multiple apps are running on the lock screen, and as before, some apps refused to close. The annoying calendar widget transparency bug has also been eliminated.

Changelog screenshots Changelog screenshots

Update log screenshot

In terms of function, the new firmware is applied in the default gallery A new slideshow story feature is available in , and minor tweaks have been made to the wallpaper selection screen. There is also the option to change the wallpaper directly from the lock screen by placing your finger on the empty space.




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