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Another World Uncle paints a bleak picture of anime production progress

Animator Ichibi shared an astonishing picture of the difficult production environment in the TV anime (). According to Ichii, he is planning to direct the anime’s th episode, but withdrew from production due to “no animators available”, which premiered three weeks ago.

Ichii wrote that he was part of the episode 11 and supervised the voiceover work. He also mentioned an incident where he reminded the crew to “don’t be careless with the people I introduced them to and please take appropriate action in the final episode”.

He wrote his first tweet in August 31. The next day, he shared that the next episode was only three days away, and there was no crew. The animation official website announced in August 31 that the animation is due to COVID-19 Rapidly ramped up, episode 8 and beyond are being postponed indefinitely -27 Infection of Atelier Pontdarc and other studios involved in animation. The animation will instead rebroadcast episodes 3-6 throughout September. The website will announce when the animation will resume at a later date.

The fifth episode has been delayed from the original August 3rd to August

2 weeks due to similar spread of COVID- in the studio. Total 14, 193 New COVID-14 Tokyo reported infections with Atelier Pontdarc on September 1st. After a surge in late July, new infections in the region are currently on a downward trend. In terms of population size within the prefecture, the infection rate in Tokyo is low and declining compared to the rest of the country 14% compared to two weeks ago.

New positive cases in Tokyo since September 1, 1000 to September 1, 2022 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government 2092100236

Throughout Japan, The daily average number of new infections is 31, 819 Personal, according to The New York Times . Cases decreased by 14% while deaths increased up 14% nationwide. August was Japan’s highest average number of cases and deaths since the pandemic began.

Broadcasting Corporation

NHK Also announced this week that Season 2 Episode 8 has been postponed to September 14 Due to COVID-10.

Ichii August on Twitter 14 Production “Only for internal employees”. The animation was produced by Atelier Pontdarc

, a company established in July

The relatively new animation studio . Before 2092100236

worked, Atelier Pontdarc Animated web animation and OAV.

The animation premieres on Netflix on July 6th. The anime also debuted on the Japanese AT-X on July 6. Ichii has previously claimed that in MAPPA. MAPPA Denies the studio’s unreasonable offering to “creators” (a term used to refer to anime creators in this case) compensation, including animators), but the rates offered are fair relative to the project budget, both on current and past projects. It also claims it never forced or forced creators to work. 2092100236




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