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Anya of SPY×FAMILY is a table tennis champion

Anya may have finally found her place in the world of table tennis. Tot is working with 2018 World Table Tennis Team Championships. The joint venture includes visuals of Anya in a ping pong suit, and commercials featuring voiced voiced by Atsumi Kindsaki .

The advertisement will appear on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Hibiya Station platform from September . During the live broadcast of the event, additional cooperation projects will be carried out during the live broadcast of the event. 2018 The World Table Tennis Team Championships will be held in September Holding to October 9 at the Chengdu High-tech Sports Center in Chengdu, China.

This event marks the return of the Championship after four years

Busan World Table Tennis Team Championships cancelled. 2018 In both the men’s and women’s events held in Halmstad, Sweden, the Chinese team won gold medals. There are 35 countries and Country participating in the women’s event. The Japanese women’s team is the second most successful ever, after China.

The second half of the anime will premiere on October 1st. Viz Media is publishing a comic in English, which describes the story:

Master Spy Twilight is best at secretly conducting dangerous missions in the name of a better world. But when he gets the ultimate impossible task – getting married and having kids – he may end up overwhelmed!

Not dependent on others, Twilight does his job for his mission, he finds a wife and kids for his wife and kids to complete his quest to infiltrate an elite private school Task. What he didn’t know was that his chosen wife was an assassin and his adopted child was a telepath! Shueisha is simultaneously publishing English manga services on its MANGA Plus . Viz Media added comics to its app in September as part of its subscription 2020. The company also prints and publishes comics.

Comics are inspiring spring stage adaptations 2018.

Source: each Daily News Mantan Web 2018




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