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Apiece Apart Resort 2024

Practicality may not be a sexy word in fashion, but for resorts—which need to include cold weather, holidays, and vacation looks—designer Starr of Apiece Apart Hout and Laura Cramer have pragmatism in mind. “What really keeps us going is the modern, mix-and-match support system,” Hout said. “A bed in neutral tones is very important to us—with accents of color.” Instead of edgy silhouettes or otherworldly concepts, they focus on subtle flourishes. “We’ve made a lot of discoveries around different fabrics that elevate everyday basics,” says Cramer.

There’s always an easy, wearable feel here. For resorts, the emphasis is on Sophisticated pieces that transition from day to night include pretty floral sundresses inspired by paintings by Argentinian artist Patricia Iglesias Peco. Knit sweaters are soft and remarkably lightweight – as is a hand-washed Habitat button-down in shades like teal. “We Vibrant rebellious colors were used,” said Haut. There were also crisp suits in textured, durable block fabrics. “Hope you’ll wear it again and again,” she said.

The duo also researched sustainable innovations at the resort. In particular, they increased their range of sustainable denim pieces, including organic and recycled cotton jeans in three different cuts. “People are always sending us The email said, ‘I’m trying to track these jeans down on a resale site,'” Cramer said. They’re made at Saitex, a sustainable factory in Los Angeles. “It’s fantastic,” says the designer Said. “They have a closed loop water system that recycles percent of the production water. ” Equally inventive were airy maxi dresses in wild-harvested silks. Farm to table? More like farm to fashion.



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