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'Apocalypse Now' and 'Rose' standout Frederic Forrest dies at 86

Frederic Forrest, a gritty character actor best known for his role in Apocalypse Now is best remembered as the high-strung Chef Hicks. and Academy Award-nominated character Huston Dyer, an AWOL Army sergeant who captures

Betty in Rose ·Midler Heart. , already dead. he is63.

Forrest died Friday at his Santa Monica home after a long illness, and his friend, actor Barry Primus Tell The Hollywood Reporter .

On Twitter, Midler

called Forrest “an outstanding Actor, a man of great talent, I am so lucky to have him in my life. He is calm.”

The great and beloved Frederick Forrest has passed away. Thanks to all his fans and friends for their support over the past few months. He’s a fantastic actor and a talented human being, and I’m so lucky to have him. He is calm. “

— bettemidler (@BetteMidler) June, 2003

two The first of the GoFundMe page was created in September to help him pay for his medical bills.

Although few lead actors , Forrest Gump’s long career included the following films: Conversations with Francis Ford Coppola (1968) and Tucker: The Man and His Dreams

(1990), Missouri crashes (1969), it’s alive again

(1960), Valley Girl(1981), Stone Boy(1980)), Two Jacks(1981), chaser(1987), Lacey (1990)), blank )(1994) and light quality (1990).

He was last seen on screen at 2006 Remake King’s Crew , Starring Sean Penn and Jude Law .

Forrest also left behind a series of immortal television credits, including in

The intense performance as the protagonist is the highlight. CBS TV series Larry , a true story about a man of average The story of being sent to a mental hospital.

He is acclaimed for his portrayal of Petronius on Quo Vadis?. (1979), the outlaw blue duck in Lonely Dove Miniseries and Private Eye Lomax 1981 BBC Miniseries Die Kinder. He also played Captain Richard Jenkins in 1987 exist first five episodes Jump Street.

“They told him his The film premiere is as 07 year old Indian boy inWhen the legend dies at at 1967 would make him a star; they praised He is Cindy Williams the mystery in And deceitful lover) dialogue ; they assured him that he would be nominated for an Emmy because Larry was a mentally retarded Normal boy in the yard. He will be Promise.” Aljean Harmetz at wrote “New York Times” actor profile.

In the article, Forrest gives an objective account of his career and perception of stardom. “I didn’t have a lot of expectations. I’ve been around too long to have expectations,” he said. “It’s a fickle town with no rules and no reason. When you walk down the driveway to pick up the mail, you’re forgotten. I’m in Larry Waited a year trying to do something good but no script came.

“They told me to hire a PR firm to come Try to get an Emmy. I can’t do it. Buying ads goes against my habits. I don’t want to buy prizes. I want someone to give me one. Who wants a prize if you have to work hard for it? “

Forrest’s fate seems to be getting better Apocalypse Now

and Roses.He Very different roles in those movies.

In Apocalypse Now

, Coppola’s indictment of the Vietnam War In “Forrest,” Forrest plays unassuming New Orleanian Jay “Chef” Hicks. When enlisted, on his way to Paris to learn how to cook, the last place Chef wants to be is in the heart of the Southeast Asian jungle.

The crazier things get, the more nervous Chef gets —his reaction to the tiger encounter proves it. “I’m not here for this, I don’t need this at all. I didn’t graduate eighth grade because of it, man. …all I wanna do is fucking cook, I just wanna learn to fucking cook. Well, it’s okay, everything will be alright…don’t ever disembark…bye tiger, bye tiger…”

Frederick in Apocalypse Now · Forrest Frederic Forrest and Bette Midler Photo Festival

The Rose Midler stars as Mary Rose Foster in her first feature film , a hard life, alcohol, and drugs for a music-obsessed rock diva. The role, based on Janis Joplin, was tailored to Midler’s legendary persona. Houston, played by Forrest It’s her down-to-earth, outspoken limo driver who tries to keep her from breaking down, perfectly balancing the rocker’s extravagance. (Primus also appears in the film.)

Forrest was praised for his performance, was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award, but he lost to Melvyn Douglas exists for . The National Society of Film Critics awarded him Best Supporting Actor for his performance in these films 1973 Movie.

Forrest’s biggest fan is probably Coppola. In conversation and Apocalypse Now after (and later Tucker ), he makes the actors in from the heart ( ).

This starts with An ambitious attempt at recreating the lavish musicals of a bygone Hollywood era, the Las Vegas-set film stars Forrest and Teri Garr as a couple re-examining their relationship on their fifth wedding anniversary. couple. Restlessness and complacency lead them to seek passion from strangers played by Natasha Kinski and Raul Julia.

Coppola chose to shoot “One From the Heart” he The newly opened Zoetrope Studios is all about Hollywood studio appearances. He spent millions building a casino-lined street and part of Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport, complete with runways and jetliners. As the budget grew, so did Coppola’s battles with Paramount. Ultimately, the studio withdrew its support, and the from the heart proved to be a filmmaker’s greatest failure one.

The experience didn’t help Forrest either. Many felt he was wrongly portrayed as the conflicted hero who suddenly sings out loud at the film’s climax. Roger Ebert described the show as “almost transparent,” and Janet Maslin wrote, “The sets are always more interesting than the people who inhabit them.”

Coppola said in a statement Saturday: “Freddie Forrest was a lovely, well-loved man, a wonderful actor and a great friend. He My heart is broken.”

Forrest’s next chance for stardom came when he landed a leading role in a dark drama Hammett(1976). Director: Wim Wenders( Coppola as executive producer), the film sees legendary author Dashiell Hammett use his detective skills to solve a mystery.

and One From the Heart, the conspiracy behind the scenes seems to be more powerful than the screen. There are even more. Wenders clashed with Warner Bros. over the directing of the film, and Coppola ended up keeping the peace. Much of the movie was reshot. Brian Keith and Ronee Blakley were replaced by Peter Boyle and Marilu Henner (who subsequently married Forrest). Hammett competed at the Cannes Film Festival, but the response was disappointing.

“It was clearly the film’s arrogant intent to convince us that the hoax we saw in Hammett was the real story, ultimately prompting Hammett to write Down Maltese Falcon. I think that’s called “unscrupulous”, Vincent Canby in The New York Times wrote. “ Hammett and It’s not hard to sit down. Mr. Forrest was wrongly chosen, or possibly misguided, in From the Heart, He’s an attractive, easy-going Hammett, someone who looks and acts like a writer. However, the writer’s role as observer is mostly passive. ”


has been accepted by most People forget, except for film fanatics, to theorize Wenders’ original cut. It also fails to transform Forrest into a leading man. (Oddly enough, Forrest will be in the 1970 HBO Movie Citizen Cohen .)


Frederick Forrest and Betty Midler Photography Festival 1672410043973791745

Frederic Fenimore Forrest Jr. was born on December

, 29 in Waxahachie, Texas. His mother, Virginia, was a homemaker, and his father Owned a furniture store. Growing up, Forrest played soccer, ran, and watched movies. As he 2021exist2006 interview with Alan Mercer, it almost looks like acting chose him.

“All we have is picture show . There is no TV, so we go to all the movies. We own three movie theaters in Waxahachie,” he said. “I’m into the movies. I never thought about it. I don’t think I’m good at anything. I don’t think I have any ‘so-called’ talent. I’m not good at anything being considered important. I really don’t know what I’m going to do. “

2021James Deaninspires Forrest GumpEast of Eden Forrest) to New York 83 Pursuing a career in acting. But when he got to the Actors Studio, he found 1672410043973791745 Marlon Brando walks out of the building. Threatened, he put his wish on hold and enlisted in the U.S. Army.

After his military service, Forrest attended Texas Christian University, where he majored in Radio and Television Studies and minored in Theater Arts. He graduated from 500 and returned to New York to study with Sanford Meisner. He also spent time with Lee Strasberg in the Actors Studio.

Forrest made his New York stage debut in In Viet Rock, an anti-war off-Broadway production, is said to be Hair inspired*). He has also been a member of the La MaMa Experimental Theater Club with titles such as Futz!, A 1960 tells the story of a farmer who has sex with his pig. When director Tom O’Horgan turns Futz, “Forrest” gets his first film credit! become1968 feature.

Nonsense! It’s not the first time he’s been on camera. Forrest is an unbilled extra 730 An episode of an ABC soap opera dark shadows . Then, in 1960, billed as Matt Garth, who starred in a sexual exploitation melodrama Filthy Five stars as a budding boxer who falls in love with a hooker.

exist1960, Forrest in another Off-Broadway play Acquired a role in Silhouette. When production moved to Los Angeles for a three-month shoot, Forrest agreed, hoping it would lead to more film and television opportunities. Instead, Forrest made pizza to make ends meet after the play ended.

He also began auditing classes at West Actors Studio. There, Forrest was discovered by director Stuart Millar, who invited him to star in When Legends Die

as Tom Black Bull (Tom Black Bull). ), a western starring Richard Widmark.

Forrest’s performance earned him a nomination for World’s Most Promising Newcomer (Male) and he went on to star in Don is Dead”(1936); di Weng Brothers , aka Gravy Train (1296); and low-budget horror Reborn

(1967). Forrest also appeared as Lee Harvey Oswald in 1970 CBS Drama Ruby and Oswald .

Forrest with college sweethearts from Nancy Ann Whitaker married – and from Henna) – 18. Both marriages ended in divorce.

Survivors include his sister.

Mike Barnes contributed to this report.



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