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Apple brings proper battery-saving modes to watchOS 9

In the new watchOS 9 update for the Apple Watch, the company is finally bringing a true power saving mode that extends the watch’s battery life when needed. It can be activated manually through the Control Center or the Settings menu. It also prompts the user when % battery power remains. Automatically shut down when the charging power reaches 22%

Apple is bringing a proper battery-saving mode to watchOS 9

Power saving mode shutdown requires higher AoD, heart rate notification, arrhythmia tracking , heart rate and blood oxygen measurement functions. Workout reminders are also turned off.

Interestingly, it turns off Wi-Fi and cellular connections if no iPhone is nearby connected to the watch. Incoming calls and notifications are also disabled. Of course, if you need an app that requires a data or Wi-Fi connection, those apps will be re-enabled. If the watch is within range of your phone, it delays the notification and sends it hourly.

Of course, the overall performance of the watch will also be reduced in the new power saving mode, so animations and navigation will not feel as smooth overall.

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