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Apple cancels 'Mosquito Coast' after two seasons

The Mosquito Coast Canceled on AppleTV+ after two seasons, The Hollywood Reporter learned.

The show follows Allie Fox of Justin Theroux , “a brilliant inventor and stubborn ideal activist, who uprooted his family is dangerously seeking refuge from the US government, cartels and killers,” the log read.

The news comes two weeks after the second season finale, in which the Foxes ventured deep into the Guatemalan jungle to meet with refugee communities. According to the anchor, “About whether to settle down or keep moving, Ellie and Margot [Melissa George] pursued different paths to secure their family’s future. The result was either bringing the family together or tearing it apart forever. ”

The Mosquito Coast Based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Theroux’s uncle, Paul Theroux. The show’s first season is a prequel to the novel and the 1986 movie starring Harrison Ford as Allie Foxx, the actor said. While showrunner Neil Cross tried to stick to the original storyline, he and Theroux agreed to make some changes for the series.

“We made several fundamental changes to the book and movie,” The Leftovers cast before telling THR. “ We wanted to push Margot, she doesn’t even have the name Margot in the book or the movie; she’s just called Mother. But we wanted to give her agency. We architecturally thought she was The real patriarch of the family, and Ellie is pretty much one of the kids. Then we wanted to turn the older kid into a girl and give her agency. It dawned on us that if the two kids were in such a closed loop They don’t evolve — or even regress — like their parents.”

Logan Polish and Gabriel Bateman also star in Mosquito Coast .



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