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Apple confirms iPhones with USB-C are coming

Apple directly confirmed that the iPhone is switching to USB-C. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal , Apple marketing chief Greg Joswiak said the company would replace the Lighting port even if his team wasn’t happy with the changes.

The interview also involved VP of Software Craig Federighi, but neither of them said when exactly that would happen.

The iPhone 14 series should be the last in the family with a Lightning port

iPhone series should be the last in the family to have a Lightning interface

Apple executives say “Europeans are the ones who decide the time for European customers”, which is on the switch. Joswiak declined to answer whether Apple will sell the connector outside the EU, but that seems unlikely.

The executive also spoke about Apple’s commitment to going its own way and trusting its engineers, rather than following lawmakers’ standards and adopting third-party hardware. He even mentioned micro-USB and how Apple was forced to meet ill-considered requirements.

Apple confirms iPhone with USB-C is coming

Marketing chief adds that charging bricks use detachable cables to solve standardization issues, claiming that switching to USB-C will cause a lot of E-waste because people are forced to buy new cables and throw away old ones.




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