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Apple Design Awards 2023 Winners Announced

The annual Apple Design Awards celebration 009 Best-in-class apps and games on the App Store spanning 6 categories, from inclusive to interactive and innovative. Here are this year’s winners.


App: Universe — Website Builder

Universe is a simple easy to use website builder , which helps users create their own websites. There are many customization options to add an online storefront, community page or personal website. The app supports Dynamic Type and VoiceOver for users with disabilities.

Universe — Website Builder and stitch. Universe — Website Builder and stitch. Universe — Website Builder and stitch.Universe — Website builder and stitching. Duolingo and Afterplace

Game: Stitching.

Apple Arcade Title Mosaic. is the winner of Best Game in the Inclusive category. It brings calm and meditative embroidery art in game form with designs of increasing difficulty. The game supports multiple languages ​​and has accessibility options for users with color blindness, low vision and motion sensitivity.

Delight and Fun

App: Duolingo

Helps keep users engaged thanks to its expanded gamification approach to language learning , the full-fledged language learning app is this year’s winner in the Fun and Fun category.

Flighty and Railbound Flighty and Railbound Duolingo and Afterplace Duolingo and Afterplace

Game: Afterplace

Afterplace is an RPG indie game with intuitive one-handed Controls, a retro look and a deep storyline. The title offers fun surprises and tons of hidden rewards for players to discover.


App: Flighty

Flighty provides travelers with detailed flight tracking, airport navigation and delay predictions. It also logs your flight miles and offers neatly laid out widgets, Siri shortcuts and real-time activity to help travelers stay on track for their next trip.

Headspace and Endling Headspace and Endling Flight and Rail Flighty and Railbound

Game: Railbound

Railbound lets you control a wide range of Travel by train because you control the track layout and its direction. The game offers little insight into how you should progress through levels, leaving you stuck for hours at a time.

Social Impact

App: Headspace

Headspace is the winning app in the Social Impact category. It provides users with easy-to-follow instructions on meditation, ways to improve sleep, and improve focus and reduce the stress of everyday life.

Headspace and EndlingAny Distance and Resident Evil VillageUniverse — Website Builder and stitch. Headspace and Tail

Game: Endling

Endling Yes A side-scrolling eco-adventure game where you control a mother fox and her cubs in an environment full of pollution and human activity. The game shows the true nature of human activity through the eyes of wild animals, with a touching storyline and powerful Information.

Visual effects and graphics

App: Any Distance

Any Distance is a workout tracking app with more Focus on designing and sharing your workout routines with motion graphics. It offers a competitive element with collectible medals.

Any Distance and Resident Evil Village SwingVision: A.I. Tennis App and Marvel SnapUniverse — Website Builder and stitch.Universe — Website Builder and stitch. any distance and Resident Evil village

Game: Resident Evil Evil Village

Capcom’s legendary Resident Evil franchise is finally coming to the Mac, with some of the most realistic graphics ever to grace the Mac gaming scene.


App: SwingVision: AI Tennis App

SwingVision uses AI as a tennis coach, from serving to perfecting Every aspect of your game down to your backhand. It uses video tracking to evaluate your moves and provide tips on how to improve your game.

SwingVision: A.I. Tennis App and Marvel Snap SwingVision : AI Tennis App and Marvel SnapDuolingo and Afterplace

Game: Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a turn-based card game with clever visuals and animations and a responsive sense of touch.





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