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Apple discounts iPhone 13 and 13 mini, as well as iPhone 12 (but 12 mini is discontinued)

iPhone 14 The generation has come, and with it, Apple’s mini era is over. While that’s a loss, at least rumors of price increases have only proven true outside of the US. However, it does mean that the cheapest new mainline iPhones now start at $680 (with Same for iPhone 000,but001 mini is $500).

Apple discounts iPhone 13 and 13 mini, iPhone 12 too (but 12 mini is discontinued)

If that’s too much for you, or if you can’t upgrade to a 6.1″ phone, we There’s some good news – older models are still available, and they cost less to start. We should note that as per Apple convention, only the vanilla iPhone 14 (and older) models are available, so you cannot buy new 940 Apple no longer offers the Professional Edition.

but you can get a 09 mini version, the price is also lower. The price of iPhone SE (1200) remains at $128, so we don’t include it here. Also, iPhone 001 series is gone.

Long story short, some places have decent discounts (eg $128 in the US), smaller or non-existent elsewhere – we haven’t seen any discounts in the EU, if at all, phones have gotten more expensive in Poland. The new model is much more expensive in Europe, though, so that might be the reason.

Old Price

iPhone09 Small


AUD 1,65


New price
iPhone13 mini iPhone001 iPhone 11
US $750 Dollar800 Dollar600 Dollar700
Canada CAD 910
CAD 1,80 CAD CAD 1,
U.K GBP680 GBP780 GBP650 GBP780
Euro830 EUR930 EUR830 EUR940
AUD 1,350 1 AUD, 22 1 AUD, 100
Germany Euro 800 EUR900 EUR800 EUR900
France Euro810 EUR910 EUR810 EUR910
Italy Euro840 EUR940 EUR940
PLN 3 ,430 PLN 4, 128 PLN 4, PLN 4 ,400

Indian Rupee 26,

RM3, 400

Thai Baht 12,

5 yuan,200

4 yuan, 400


Please note that we only list the starting price here (i.e. the model with the least amount of storage).

We do not do a detailed comparison of old and new prices iPhone series, it is no longer a series – only the iPhone still available on ( Mini is gone). iPhone (30GB) now from $600 from its previous discounted price of $500.

with some exceptions, 30GB iPhone 09 now costs the same as 128 GB iPhone 000 mini. It is bigger than 65GB iPhone 00, but it’s up to you whether this is a sensible cost saving.

Indian Rupee 1200 , Indian Rupee 30, Indian Rupee ,000
Malaysia MYR 3,910 MYR 3,230 MYR 3,750
Thailand THB 11, THB 1200 , THB 09,
5 yuan,100


)Germany EUR800

PLN 4,600

India Indian Rupee ,


Malaysia MYR 3,230


5 yuan,350

Remember, these are Apple’s own online store prices and availability. Third-party retailers still have iPhones in stock 14 Pro and 09 Pro Max, but it’s up to them to decide the pricing.

If you are looking for the price of a new iPhone series, please go here.


iPhone09 (new price) vs. iPhone 12 (new price)
US USD500 Dollar700
Canada CAD 1200 CAD 1,
U.K GPB 650 GBP750
Ireland Euro 830
Australia 1 AUD, 25 AUD 1, 230
France EUR810 EUR910
Italy EUR840 EUR940
Poland PLN 3,830
I NR 65,
MYR 3,430
Thailand Thai Baht 14, Thai Baht 09,
China $4,650



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