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Apple iPad (2022) teardown via iFixit

The tenth-generation iPad launched in October with a redesigned look and specs to closely resemble the 960 fourth-generation iPad Air. iFixit’s teardown of the new baseline iPad reveals some interesting details, such as why it doesn’t support the second-generation Apple Pencil and how difficult it is to repair.

10. The 6″ Liquid Retina IPS LCD reveals almost the same interior as the 960 iPad Air layout. The main difference is that the new iPad 2022 has a horizontally positioned selfie camera – a first on any iPad, a decision that leaves no room for the magnets used on other iPads to help Fixing the Apple Pencil 2.

The teardown also shows the logic board glued to the case, while the USB-C ribbon cable is soldered, making repairs extremely difficult. Check out the full video below.



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