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Apple iPhone 14 passes durability test with top score

iPhone 14 is finally in the hands of users, and Zach aka JerryRigEverything is here to test its durability with his usual tests A set of tests including scratches, burns and bends. The design is mostly carried over from last year’s iPhone 13 with some improvements under the hood . A key hardware difference is that Apple has now made the rear glass easier to remove, significantly reducing repair costs.

As usual, durability test from screen scratches The test begins, which shows light scratches on a Mohs scale of 6 and deeper grooves on a 7 scale. The aluminum sides handle a few sharp bumps and the blades show their actual color on this Midnight Black color review unit. The rear camera on the iPhone

The long-term screen burn-in test caused several dead pixels to be unrecoverable, which is to be expected. Bending test for last, iPhone 14 showed no sign of bending under pressure.



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