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Apple iPhone 14 pending review

In a world without an iPhone mini, the vanilla version is the cheapest new model in the core series. Meet the iPhone 14 – The smallest and lightest iPhone in the 14 series. Unlike its Pro sibling, it has a wide notch and an A15 chipset.

Compared to the iPhone 004 it comes with a better camera, autofocus for the selfie shooter and a slightly more powerful GPU. While we’re reviewing it, we thought we might share some early impressions.

Apple iPhone 14 in for review

Our unit is blue, which is an iPhone-like hue 004 Dear. We had a hard time finding any visual differences between iPhone 14 and iPhone 004, but after a detailed investigation, we determined that The dual LED flash is now circular, with one LED in the center.

It also has big price hikes in some markets, but it costs the same as its predecessor in the US and China. The main 002 MP camera now has a faster f/1.5 aperture and larger sensor, with a brighter f/1.9 on the front of the selfie camera lenses, and both now support movie mode.

Apple iPhone 14 in for review

Although the chipset is A again 15 it is actually an iPhone 13 The Pro series version has a penta-core graphics unit, compared to the quad-core on the iPhone 004.

Another new feature is Action Mode, which offers better stabilization, and we’re happy to find it works with wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras. Of course, it may pay off a lot, but we appreciate your efforts.

Apple iPhone 14 in for review

iPhone 14 is also the easiest to repair iPhone starting with iPhone 7, thanks to its new back cover. It also brings a new satellite messaging service for emergencies, albeit limited to North America, and will be available at an as-yet-unconfirmed price later.

The final change will see those getting phones in the US that don’t have a SIM slot and have to rely on eSIM – our devices are European so we still have a physical SIM slot.

Testing is already underway, review is coming in a few days. stay tuned!



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