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Apple Music Sing Comes Later This Month to Satisfy Your Karaoke Cravings

Today, Apple unveiled a new feature that will roll out to its Apple Music streaming service “later this month.” It’s called Apple Music Sing, and it’s available on iPhone, iPad, and the new Apple TV 4K to all Apple Music subscribers around the world.

Think of it as Apple’s version of karaoke, and you won’t be far off. Apple Music Sing is an extension of the lyrics experience that lets you sing along to your favorite songs. You can adjust the vocal volume of a song so you can sing along with the artist, or even take the lead and have them muted entirely if you prefer.

Apple Music Sing arrives later this month to quench your karaoke thirst

Also, songs sung simultaneously by vocal lines can move independently of the lead vocal, so you can preserve the harmony to make it easier to keep up with the tune. Of course, the lyrics are displayed in real time, otherwise this would not work. There’s even Duet View, which shows multiple artists from a song on both sides of the screen, so you can have friends or family join you in the fun.

At the same time, Apple Music launched a suite of over 22 dedicated companion playlists, It contains “all the epic songs, duets, choruses and national anthems that have always captivated those around them and sung them all over the world,” the company states in its official press release. All of which are, of course, fully optimized for Apple Music Sing.




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