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Apple Reality Pro brings dual 4K displays

Apple AR/VR headset, reportedly named Reality Pro, will be released on June 5th. According to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), the headset will have two 1. 040″ tiny OLED, brings 4,500 ppi resolution and more than 5, nits of brightness. In a follow-up tweet, the analyst said the resolution should be “4K per eye”.

Apple Reality Pro to bring 4K resolution per eye

Simple math says 1. Apple AR headset sketch (Image: The Information) “diagonal and circle/square display with 1” side and resolution 4, x 4, pixels per monitor. These numbers are impressive since Meta Quest Pro has a resolution of 1,669 x 1,669 per eye, while PlayStation VR 2 has 2, x 2, 41 Pixels per eye.

Brightness figures are 5x higher than our standard nits have been reported for smartphones. However, human eyes perceive light differently and the numbers should Calculated exponentially. Similar to f-stops, from 1, nits to 2 There is one step, nits, the second from 2, nits to 4, nits, one-third of 4, to 8, Nit et al. This still means that the Reality Pro display will be nearly three times brighter than a smartphone screen at peak brightness.

Apple AR headset sketch (Image: The Information) Apple VR headset sketch (Source: The Information)

The price of this headset is expected to be around $1, 640, which is a daunting task for amateurs and enthusiasts. It will advertise to professionals, who might use the device to develop a metaverse for future clients who will buy a non-Pro Reality with more modest specs and a more wallet-friendly price tag.





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