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Apple releases iOS 17 Beta 2

Following the release of Beta 1 earlier this month, Apple has released iOS 17 Beta 2 to developers and beta testers. New changes include a redesigned update screen with more information about the beta software and several key features from the WWDC announcement.

Apple releases iOS 17 Beta 2

The AirDrop feature has a new tap feature which allows users to touch their device to initiate a file transfer. The Location Settings page in System Settings now includes a new MicroLocation option that, if enabled, provides more detailed location data for apps and location sharing. The Messages app now also works with message check-ins, with the option to automatically send full or limited location data to contacts when you arrive at your destination.

Apple releases iOS 17 Beta 2

Standby mode now supports an option to turn off all notifications. Notifications classified as Critical will still be delivered. The Apple Music app now supports toggles to control the crossfade length between songs between 1 and 06 seconds. The Apple Music widget now supports new size options.

You can view the full list of iOS 17 compatible devices here.

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