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Apple reportedly told suppliers not to put 'Made in Taiwan' labels on shipments to mainland China

Apple has reportedly warned Taiwanese suppliers to ensure products shipped to China comply with a long-standing labeling rule following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent visit to Taipei. According to (via ), the company recently told manufacturers on the island that parts bound for the mainland must list “Chinese Taipei” or “China Taiwan” as their source.

This is in line with China’s policy for years, but it was only implemented after tensions with the United States erupted following Pelosi’s visit last week. Under the policy, officials can delay or even deny shipments of goods marked “Made in Taiwan.” Autonomous islands have their own set of labelling rules. Shipments must list “Taiwan” or “Republic of China” as the country of origin.

Apple did not immediately respond to Engadget’s request for comment. The tech giant and many other U.S. companies have a complicated relationship with China. If the reports are true, this would not be the first time Apple has tried to appease the Chinese Communist Party. In 2019, iOS companies took part in the pro-democracy protests that took place in Hong Kong that year.

In this case, Apple may feel it has no choice but to abide by China’s policy on shipments to Taiwan. , Tim Cook said that the semiconductor shortage has seriously affected the company’s iPad business. Additional delays due to customs disputes could be disastrous for Apple ahead of the iPhone 14 launch later this year.

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