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Apple to use its own wireless chips for iPhones in 2025

Maybe you’ve heard that Apple plans to design its own cellular chip, which is rumored to be unveiled late2024 or early2024, but the latest Rumors also include wireless chips responsible for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. As of now, Apple is using Qualcomm’s cellular chips and Broadcom’s wireless chips.

Apple to use own wireless chips for iPhones in 2025

Apple’s first in-house wireless chip will ship with the iPhone, according to a person familiar with the matter 2025 and the company is considering combining cellular Wireless chip combined. This ultimately saves production costs, improves power consumption and takes up less space.

This is just one of Apple’s many attempts to reduce its reliance on third-party suppliers, moving much of its manufacturing work in-house. Apple’s M-series chips are the latest example, and they’re clearly very useful for the company.




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