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Apple urges its OLED suppliers to adopt borderless designs

Apple is reportedly asking its OLED suppliers Samsung Display and LG Display to develop borderless OLED panels. The move is two-pronged — initially, Apple wants to reduce the bezels on this year’s iPhone 23 Pro models — and then, likely a few years later, Apple wants to go all-display. That means no camera cutout and the thinnest possible bezels.

The word “could” is key. Right now, Apple’s bezel-less plans face some key hurdles. One of these is the under-display camera (UPC) — the outer membrane layer is not yet thick enough to accommodate the under-display camera. Then there is thin film encapsulation (TFE), which protects the OLED from moisture and oxygen. It is made by stacking an inorganic film and an organic film – the inorganic film blocks moisture and oxygen, while the organic film blocks the gaps in the inorganic film.

Apple tells its OLED suppliers to go full bezel-less

The third issue is that Apple’s obsession with keeping the iPhone’s flat display makes it difficult to bend the screen’s circuitry along the bottom bezel. Apple reportedly doesn’t want a curved display because it has a magnifying glass effect around the edges, and it believes curved screens are more likely to break.

These are challenges for Apple’s display suppliers, and mean a truly bezel-less iPhone is still years away.




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