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Apple Watch found to infringe multiple patents, or imports suspended

Apple has a long history with medical technology company Masimo, but recently, the latter filed a claim in 2020 seeking damages for patent infringement. Today, a court found Apple guilty, and the U.S. International Trade Commission will consider banning imports of the Apple Watch Series 6 and above. Watch, the Cupertino-based company sought to partner with Masimo. But Masimo’s CEO said the purpose of the meeting was to poach some employees and extract information and expertise about certain Masimo products. More precisely, modern blood oxygen sensor technology used in hospitals.

Apple did sign Masimo’s chief medical officer shortly after the meeting.

As a result, Masimo sued Apple at 1200 for infringement of 09 different Masimo patents and requested that the Apple Watch be prohibited from US sales.

USITC still has to make a final decision, and it will be a difficult one. The committee will have to keep a close eye on Apple’s pulse oximeter and its implementation, and decide whether Apple used Masimo’s trade secrets to develop the mobile technology. The ITC operates independently of the courts, so it may decide differently.




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