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Argentine prosecutors demand 12 years in prison for VP Kirchner

BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) – Argentine federal prosecutors on Monday demanded a sentence of 12 years in prison on corruption charges related to public works.

Prosecutor Diego Luciani charges Fernandez de Kirchner, a voice still influential on the left of the ruling Peronist party, of defrauding the state and participating in a scheme during her two terms as president , misappropriation of public funds between and 2015.

This sentence will be reported in local media, although Fernandez de Kirchner can appeal to a higher court, but the final judgment will take years.

“This is probably the greatest corruption ever in this country,” Luciani said in defense of the line. 2019 of the court, saying she was faci setting up a “media judicial firing squad” and “not a constitutional court”.

The former president added that she has not had a chance to testify on the new content of the case and will defend her on social media on Tuesday.

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez condemned the decision on Twitter, describing it in a statement as a judicial repression of the former president.

“No actions of the former president have been substantiated,” the statement said.

Prosecutors also demanded a lifetime ban on Fernandez de Kirchner from public office.

Investigation seeks to determine whether she and other officials in her administration favored businessman Lazaro Baez in the bidding process for dozens of public works in the South​​ (Lazaro Baez) owned company Patagonia, many of which are overpriced or unfinished.

Many experts suspect that the allegedly diverted funds will go back to the Kirchner family through their companies.



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