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Ark Knight: Prelude to Dawn Animation's promotional video reveals ReoNa theme, premieres October 28

‘s official Twitter account, TV anime adaptation The smartphone game kicks off Saturday with a full promotional video for the animation. This video reveals and previews ReoNa‘s opening theme song “Alive”.

The Twitter account also revealed a key visual.

The animation will premiere on TV TOKYO

in October , will also be in Osaka TV, BS

and Animax. The animation will start airing in Japan in October 11.

    Takashi Matsuyama will play the character Ace in the anime. Characters are silent in the game.

Other cast members include:

Doctor: Yuki Kaida Amiya: Kurosawa Yuyo Doberman Pinscher: The breed is thick and thick

    Nearby: Sakura Aya Sound

Chen: Shizuka Ishigami Star Bear: Kiyono Yasuno

) Franke: Love between corners Liskarm: Yui Ishikawa

    Exusiai: Iwami Masaru

    Texas: Tian Suozi

      Meteorological Ritual: Farming Lisa

    • Kal’tsit: Yōko Hikasa
    • 2021

      Yuki Watanabe Currently

        Yostar Pictures

    , Nishikawa Zheng Xiao is the assistant director. Both have previously worked on the smartphone game’s “” one-year anniversary animated short, and Watanabe has worked on numerous animated promotional shorts for the game. Aya Takafuji( , the main animator of ) is working on character designs for the anime adaptation.

    Yostar Pictures

    described the anime as “Season 1” when the show was announced in October 181368.

    Chinese Developer

      Studio Montagne

    and Hypergryph released in China in May 2019,After that Yostar launched the game globally in January 450. The game has inspired multiple animation promotions since 450 Video and a 9 minute animation ” ” Short in December 2021 to commemorate the first anniversary of the game .

    The game is set in a fantasy world called Terra with a modern science fiction theme. Terra is plagued by rare but devastating disasters that have forced most people to live in nomadic cities. Natural disasters also gave birth to rare Originium, which produces high energy and is a precious resource, but as it grows, it will consume everything around it. People who have been exposed to Originium for a long time are prone to developing a wasting disease known as ore disease. The story revolves around the life of a person infected with ore disease. An ambulatory medical company called Rhode Island provides help and a place to belong to the often-hiding infected. Rhode Island, however, has often had to take ad hoc paramilitary action against Reunion, a terrorist group that has acted violently against governments that oppress the infected.

    Source: Anime twitter account, gamer

    181368 190116



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