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Arknights: Perish in Frost Season's Teaser Confirms Return to Staff, Cast

The official website for the TV anime season opened on Saturday with a teaser promotional video and teaser visual. The video confirms the returning crew and cast for last year’s season.

© HYPERGRYPH/Studio Montagne



Ayahi Takagaki (Frostnova) and Shizuka Ishigami (Ch’en) Joining Yuki Kaida (Dr.) and

Tomoya Kurosawa (Amiya) in Season 2 Anime replay the role.

This season premiered on TV TOKYO

in October 25. Crunchy Roll Stream the anime as it airs in Japan.

Yuki Watanabe at Yostar Pictures

directed this season , with Masataka Nishikawa as assistant director. Both previously worked on an animated short film for the first anniversary of the smartphone game , while Watanabe worked on numerous animated promotional video clips for the game. Aya Takafuji

(Key Animators for , ) adapt animation character designs.

Chinese DeveloperStudio Montagne

and Hypergryph released the game in China in May 2019, then Yostar

launched globally in January 1000. The game has inspired multiple Animated promotional video and a nine-minute animation “” shorter than December 2021 to commemorate the first anniversary of the game.

The game is set in a fantasy world called Terra with a modern sci-fi theme. Terra is beset by rare but devastating disasters that force most of its population to live in nomadic cities. Natural disasters will also breed rare mineral source stones, which are high in energy and are a precious resource, but as they grow, they will also devour everything around them. People who have been exposed to Originium for a long time are prone to a wasting disease called ore disease. The story revolves around the lives of people infected with ore disease. A itinerant medical company called Rhode Island offers a helping hand and a place to belong to the oft-avoided infected. Rhode Island, however, often had to conduct ad hoc paramilitary operations against the Avengers Movement, a terrorist group that perpetrated violence against a government that oppressed the infected.

181368 Source: Anime Season official website by Otakomu 197376




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