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Armed Fantasia, Penny Blood Games Reveal More Staff

Wild Group ) produced with Yukikaze’s Kickstarter for

Armed Fantasia: To the End of the Wild ( The spiritual successor of the game) and Penny Blood(Shadow Hearts the spiritual successor of the game) announced Wednesday that the composer Nobuo Uematsu ( Final Fantasy Franchise ) and Kenji Ito ( SaGa


) will join the project. The soundtrack of Armed Fantasia will be composed by ComposerElements Garden andMichiko Naruke. Penny Blood’s soundtrack will feature Yoshitaka Hirota (Shadow Hearts

‘s music) and Akari Kaida ( Breath of Fire).

The company also announced a “Composer’s Dream” CD featuring Shoji Meguro (

Characters franchise) and Yasunori Shiono ( Lufia Franchise ). At press time, the campaign has raised $1, 750,632. The staff of the Games will host the end of the live broadcast September Kickstarter Campaign30 exist10: PM JST (9: am EDT) will be hosting an exclusive concert with “Golden Ticket” sponsors including Yoshitaka Hirota, Akari Kaida, Live performance by Michio Okamiya , Chihiro Fujioka and Shoji Meguro October 1st 7:00: PM JST (6: 000 EST).

Double Kickstarter ) Game Events Launching in August 10 Japan (August (US time) 10 ) and have a common goal of US$30,0 means both games were released on PC.

The stretch goals for the competition are provided in terms of three “meters”, these ” m” to meet new goals and to base the game’s proponents on. On PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo have Achieving stretch goals as well as card mini-games, 8-Bit battle mixes, and several others.

WILD BUNCH Productions and Yukikaze describe Armed Fantasia: To the End of the Wild :

In a far corner of this world there is a land of Londenium, a A young man named Ingram has lost his grandfather; the last rope that links him to his hometown. With no other reason to stay, and hoping to reconnect with his childhood friend, Ingram embarks on a new adventure as Pathfinder, a branch of adventurers who utilize the powerful ARM (Aether Reaction Maximizer) ) weapons to deal with the anomalies that ravage the planet. land.

Ingram’s journey will take him through fate with many new friends and foes, and be involved in a great battle that will run through Londenium’s past and future.

The game will is a turn-based JRPG adventure with puzzle-solving elements and large-scale exploration. Kaneko Qiuwen is the lead game designer. WILD BUNCH Productions and Yukikaze describe the story of Penny Blood :

The story of Penny Blood begins with Matthew Farrell, a lone wolf working for the Bureau of Investigation in New York private detective. Despite hating the cursed powers he inherited from his father, he uses his fusion shapeshifting abilities to hunt down monsters at the behest of the bureau.

One day, Matthew’s task is to investigate a strange incident in a New York mental hospital. Upon arriving at the shelter, he found it was full of grotesque, rampant creatures. Using his hidden power, Matthew managed to achieve a slim victory.

In order to uncover the truth behind the bizarre incident, Matthew’s investigation will put him From the United States to the far reaches of the Asian continent, including Japan and China, and to the far corners of Europe. Along the way, he will meet those who fight for revenge, those who try to use the extraordinary horror for their own gain, and those who just want to destroy. Penny Blood tells the story of a man who has to be who he wants to conquer.

The game will be a turn-based JRPG with a “twitch-triggered reaction time” and “sanity points” systems. Matsuzo Machida is coaching the game, and Akifumi Kaneko is the lead game designer. Miyako Kato is designing the character. Yoshitaka Hirota and Akari Kaida are making music.


The game is PlayStation at 2005 Ship. The XF game of the franchise is PlayStation Portable version available189061 and ForwardWorks’ Million Memories smartphone role-playing game launched in September .

The franchise received a TV anime adaptation titled .

Wakako Oba launches game’s ()manga adaptation. These games combine fantasy with Wild West environments.

Original Heart of Shadows

The game is PlayStation 2 in 189061 roll out. The game is 632 The sequel to the PlayStation game. Shadowheart: Covenant,Shadowheart‘s sequel*), released on 632. Spin-off games in the series Heart of Shadows: From a New World in roll out. 2022 Source: Press Release 189061




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