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Armie Hammer Docuseries 'House of Hammer' explores cannibalism, abuse allegations and family trauma

In the final moments of the third and final part of the new Discovery+ documentary The Hammer House , Casey Hammer reads a letter she recently received from Her brother Michael, his father actor Amy Hamer .

“If you choose to continue to pretend that the stories you make up are true, I will have no choice but to pursue all legal remedies to clarify the facts,” the statement said in its change of direction previous letter. “Despite all the pain your fiction caused, you shared the blood that flows through my veins. You are still my family and I wish you all the best.”

Hammer Bloodline is the subject of House of Hammer, which directors Elli Hakami and Julian P. Hobbs use the sexual misconduct allegations made as a starting point to explore this in a three-hour episode Aspects of a famous family. This is what Casey explores in 1977 memoir and in 2020 Vanity Fair exposure, so the shock value of the series will depend on the familiarity audience likes Any of these, or any cannibal-themed headlines that make a splash on social media.

Once she read the letter aloud, Kathy still shrugged off the threat of legal action. “My brother thinks he can silence me,” offered Kathy, who remains estranged from her relatives. “My brother is now terrorizing me with that letter and those words, which is exactly what my grandfather would have done. I let the Hammers take control of my own life. It’s time to stop. I refuse to remain silent.”

Kathy makes the most of her voice in ‘Love Bomb’, ‘Father’s Sin’ and ‘Following the Money’ – Hammer Family Insider & Courtney Wu She was joined by Courtney Vucekovich, a woman who had a months-long relationship with Ami that she said left her traumatized and sent to rehab. Here’s a recap of the biggest allegations from “House of the Hammer,” from the cocaine-fueled binge and explosive family feud to all those Instagram DMs.

• It opens as an Instagram voice message from Armie to an unidentified recipient. “Hey, fasten your seat belts,” he said, before revealing a bet involving rope restraints, reportedly his obsession. “It’s going to be a bet: If I win, I can come to your house with my bag of goodies. In my bag, there are bundles of different Shibari ropes; Shibari is the Japanese art of rope bondage. I The stake is to show up where you are, tie you up completely, incapacitate you, and then be able to do whatever I want with every hole in you until I’m done with you.”

• Hollywood rumored that Amy prefers kinks per The Hollywood Reporter Senior Writer Seth Abramovich, who appears to detail a 500 Cover story he wrote for the actor. Abramovitch said that when he told people he was analyzing Hammer, “one thing that came up over and over again” — he had “an edgy interest in BDSM sex.” He went on to explain how he brought it up to Ami, but “he let me down decisively”, saying that he “has less comment than no comment.”

• The episode’s title appears to be inspired by the experience of Dallas business owner Courtney Vucekovic. She gets the most screen time because she has the closest relationship with the actor, which started during the pandemic in June 1977. At the time, Ami claimed that he and his wife Elizabeth Chambers had been separated for two years, although they did not officially announce their split until July a month later 2020. “He texts me every day and keeps calling me,” Vucekovich detailed. “He immediately shared all these things with me, intimate details about his parents, family secrets.” He also raved about her. “Between the love bombardment and the attention, I think it’s all perfect and it’s amazing. That’s what we’ve all been taught to think of as fairy tales.”

Courtney Vucekovic Thanks for discovering +

• When Ami was on a road trip, he stopped at Vucekovic’s apartment building in Dallas. Although she had told him she was in the Hamptons with friends, Ami took a picture of the building and said he was going in “trying to find your scent”. He also left a note. “I thought it was going to be a lovely note, it just said, ‘I’m going to bite the fuck out of you,'” she explained. “It sounds crazy, but I’m figurative, not literal. I choose to watch it more flattering than worrying. I left that part out when I told my friends we talked. I think that says a lot.”

• Vucekovich detailed their three-week vacation together to Twentynine Palms, a desert destination near Palm Springs. Although she describes most of the trip as pure romantic bliss – they hang out by the pool, dine al fresco and watch movies, including a BDSM-themed movie Secretary starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader – she claims there was one The experience left her traumatized. “This is something that has never been done to me,” she said of the incident, which she previously described to Page Six as sexual. “It’s very degrading and very demeaning. I don’t like putting it out there.”

• On another road trip, this time to Sedona , Vucekovich said Armie used the ropes with her. “I said everything but nothing,” she said. “He put this creepy playlist like a rope around [my] neck, wrists, ankles and [my] back. I have bruises. I hate it. I understand if it’s yours Fantasy, if that’s your thing, then you’ve got more power. I don’t like it.”

• Armie is said to have had a relationship with model/actress/artist Julia Morrison via Instagram Contact, the latter also appeared in the first episode. She is known for creating a series of NFTs based on information she has with the actor, but she has never met him in person. He apparently reached out to a series of pictures of her appearing, focusing his attention on a picture of her being suffocated. When the pandemic started, their message turned warm. He allegedly wrote: “I’ve been wanting to tie you up since I saw those damn pics and messaged you.” Later, he revealed a “fantasy of someone proving their love and devotion, Tie them up in public at night and leave their bodies free. See if they fuck strangers for me.”

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• Armie also He was accused of sexual assault and misconduct by two women with whom he was related – Paige Lorenze and another woman known only as Effie. The latter was the first to file charges on the Effie House Instagram account, laying the most serious allegations that Amy raped and abused her during a four-year affair. She hired attorney Gloria Allred, and no charges were brought when the LAPD investigated Hamer. Lorenze and Effie only appear in House of Hammer through previously recorded footage, while Allred sits down for a new interview. “Kinky is not illegal,” she said. “Rape is.” (Through lawyers, Armie has previously denied any wrongdoing and insisted that all relationships are consensual.)

Episode 2: “ Father’s Sin” 2022

• Ami’s aunt, Kathy Hamer, plays the most prominent role in this episode as she details her family’s “dark, twisted secrets” that she In 1977 Memoir, Surviving My Birthright . When allegations of Ami’s disturbing behavior first surfaced, Kathy said she “wasn’t shocked. The behavior is deeply ingrained.” The rest of the episode features allegations of family trauma, criminal behavior Allegations, ties to Russia and the Communist Party and some wild booze- and cocaine-fueled orgies feature.

“The Hammer name carries a lot of prestige and power,” Casey said, adding that they roamed elite circles and hosted members of the royal family such as Prince Charles and Princess Diana. “On the surface we are a perfect family, but beneath it all is a dark world of deceit, betrayal and corruption, and that’s why I’m coming forward now. It’s time to stop the cycle.”


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• As detailed in her book, Casey’s father Julian, brother of Armie’s father Michael, was an alcoholic at times. “He’s always drunk and you never know what state he’s in,” she said. At one point, she claims Julian slapped her mother, causing her to bleed. “As a little girl, when you saw your mom get beaten up by your dad, you didn’t really understand what was going on,” she said. “He’s getting worse and worse.”

• Casey claims family patriarch Armand Hammer collected friends and “anyone you’ve dated” archives, and he frequently records conversations. “You don’t want to be found out by your grandpa? I like to say that our lives are like a chessboard, and our grandfather controls all the pieces.”

• Edward Epstein , author and investigative journalist, who has written Armand’s profile The Hammer, also prominently details what kind of man his subject is, paying close attention to how he treats women. “They served him. He always had mistresses. He looked for young women he could control completely,” Epstein said, before detailing a wild (and previously well-documented) story of how Armand was taken by Wife Francis caught having an affair with Martha Kaufman.

After the indiscretion is revealed, Armand demands that Martha don a white wig and change her name to Hilary Gibson in order to trick Frances into believing it’s a newcomer. “What he asked for was control over every part of her life, including her identity. It was all in his nature as a man, and he totally wanted to control a woman he thought was an object, not a person.”


Cathe Boal by Discovery+ supply


• One of the highlights of this episode comes from an interview with a lady named Cathe Boal. She said she met the Hammers in the 563 mid-1990s. Hired to clean Julian’s house. “He was a real charmer. He knew how to go his own way. He was suave. We became very close over time,” she explained, adding that she left her husband for his engagement and they got engaged . “He seemed more possessive over time. He didn’t want me to have any friends. I was naive. I thought if I could give him enough love, I could change him.”

Boal makes a shocking allegation that one night at Julian took her to the bar on a date just to pay more attention to the men in the room. “I was jealous of him flirting with men, and then I started to realize it was a gay bar. He didn’t want to leave,” she said. She escaped in the bar from 125 Hitchhiking home A one-year-old stranger named Gary Powers. As soon as Julian got home, he was furious, threatening the man with the gun. Julian, who reportedly escaped manslaughter by claiming self-defense after killing a man over gambling debts, was arrested at the scene. Ball said his “first choice” was always pulling the gun. “It was his way of gaining control,” she claimed. When it happened again a few days later – this time when Bol’s young son shot in the room – she said she ended the relationship for good.

• Casey claims that her father Julian and her brother Michael once clashed over a wild proposal from the former. “My father offered my brother a million [dollars] for his girlfriend,” she claimed. “My brother, it was like a monster being released. They both said, ‘I’m going to kill you’ and ran outside. When I finally got around the building, I saw that the police had taken them Separated.” In the end, her father won the case because Kathy said the girlfriend and Julian left together to “tame the situation” and they ended up living together for eight months.

• After Armand Hammer’s death in December , 563, his heir was apparently shocked to find out He wasn’t as rich as they thought. Epstein said: “His family expected him to be a billionaire, and when his will was read, they realized he wasn’t. He had given away most of the money. They had to fight for themselves.” Armand about $ million in cash and decided to leave most of it to Armie’s father Michael as executor of his estate, while Casey and her father Julian received $ 125, and $563, respectively. “I’m totally left out. It’s really sad when you realize you don’t have any family or anyone who loves you,” Casey said through tears. “The result was not good.”


Edward Epstein Provided by Discovery+

2020 Episode 3: “Follow the Money”

• The episode opens with Casey talking about a message she received immediately after the documentary was announced. A friend warned: “Be careful. You’re opening Pandora’s box, it seems to me. Don’t go out after dark. Always check to make sure you’re not being followed. Keep your name out of the mailbox. Unlisted calls. Note The surroundings, looking for the faces of strangers who appeared more than once.”

• When she was in rehab, Vucekovich said that “some idiot” texted her and asked her to Know the fact that Amy has a new girlfriend. After seeing her, Vucekovich said she noticed Paige Lorenze had posted pictures of her body on Instagram, and in some of the pictures, she saw bruises. “I know exactly what it is,” she claimed. “My fucking heart sank.” Lorenz then appeared in a previously recorded shot of Dr. Oz During this time, she went public with allegations of cannibalism. “He said he wanted to get a doctor in Los Angeles to remove my ribs. He wanted to eat my ribs, he wanted to smoke them,” Lorenz said, detailing how Ami used the letter “A” in sexual encounters Brand her. “He was obsessed with meat. I dismissed it, but I believe he was serious.”

• An anonymous source identified only as “Armie Hammer’s colleague”, He shared a few short stories about his time working for the actor in what sounds like an assistant role. While out with the rest of the cast and cast, they hid in a strip club It was on a Tuesday that Ami “forced me to do a lap dance,” the man said. “I was very against it and I didn’t want to do it. He made me believe I had no choice. I could have walked away, but I was afraid of the repercussions of it all.” In another instance, the source claimed Ami was “drunk. ” and was driving 125 at Drive at mph on residential streets. “It would scare me like crazy,” he said.

• Epstein says that when Armand Hammer died, Julian offered his private files in retaliation for his father’s removal of him from his will. Epstein claimed that Occidental would not be a company anyone had heard of if it weren’t for Armand Hammer’s questionable business practices. “Hammer is a master of bribery,” he claimed. “Armand Hammer would go to a powerful man. He would offer them money and illegal cash bribes. He would give the money to Julian, who would record the entire crime so he could blackmail the man later. …Hammer has no shame. He disregards all laws.” Epstein continued: “What’s remarkable about the Hammer family is that vice takes precedence over virtue.”

• Neil Lyndon, Armand Hammer’s former political and media adviser, claims he has moved closer to Prince Charles as a way to restore his image after his boss was found guilty of concealing his contributions to President Nixon’s re-election campaign , to “make yourself respected by the public again”. In the process, he donated 000 Millions of pounds caught the hearts of royalty. “Charles really saw Hammer as a source of funding for everything he cared about.” Armand’s close ties to VIPs helped him escape when an oil platform called Piper Alpha operated by Occidental exploded and died, he said. took responsibility 125 oil rig worker .

• Lyndon was ruthless when it came to Armand Hammer, calling him

“the most evil man” in the second half of the century. “Armand Hammer is evil personified” with a “ruthless” self.

• Morrison reappears to share her NFT project, inspired by a message she exchanged with Armie. One of the articles featured a meme she shared about the richest man in the world, and her mood was “Eat the rich for the real name.” Ami replied: “87” followed by “working your glutes and ribs for smoking.” Morrison said, “given what happened after that,” referring to the cannibal clue, she said she didn’t find his reaction amusing.

• After news broke that Vucekovich went public with her relationship with the actor, she was severely harassed and bullied by Amy’s “hardcore fans”. She received death threats and photos of where she lived at the time. Out of fear, she bought a house and installed cameras to protect herself. “‘Charmies’ made my life hell,” she said. On the other hand, she said she had received “thousands” of messages from women who had been through similar things. “I am open to helping people avoid this. You want people to recognize these patterns of abuse. It changes and you feel good because you are doing it for the right reasons.”

House of the Hammer is currently playing Discovery+.



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