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Arnold Schwarzenegger Says 'Terminator' Movie Predicted Future of AI: 'It's Already Real'

Arnold Schwarzenegger claims Terminator franchise, started his career at 1984, predicted labor Smart future.

while spending a night with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Los Angeles on Wednesday, PEOPLE reports that the actor spoke to writer-director James Cameron how the theory of artificial intelligence has “become reality” in the film.

“Today, everyone is scared of it and where it’s going,” he said of the controversial technology. “In this movie, in the Terminator, we talk about machines becoming self-aware and taking over.”

AI is currently at the center of a huge debate in Hollywood and other industries surrounding the use of the technology. At the same time, programs like ChatGPT are gaining popularity on social media.

Schwarzenegger, who played a cyborg assassin known as the Terminator in the film, added, “At the time when we touched on the Think about it.”

“Now, after decades, it’s a reality,” he continued. “So it’s no longer fantasy or futurism. It’s here today. So this is Jim Cameron’s extraordinary writing.”

The actor went on to praise Card Mellon’s work and the series he created, calling him “an extraordinary writer” and “an incredible director.”

“This is another It’s one of the things that I wish I could get credit for the film,” Schwarzenegger explained. “I can only give credit to the character I played and the way I played it. But I mean, he created the character. He wrote it so well, he wrote the movie so well, that’s why he was The number one director in the world.”

Last month, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter interview for the cover story, Schwarzenegger also opened up about working with Cameron on the film, and how the filmmakers convinced him to speak out about his now iconic Line, “I’ll be back.”

“Cameron and I are debating how to say this because I’m not used to saying “I will.” I Saying, ‘I think it’s more powerful to say ‘I’ll be back,'” recalls the actor. He said the director then responded, “Are you a writer now? It’s just a word. Don’t tell me how to write it. I’m not going to tell you how to act.” … “I said, ‘You tell me every fucking minute How to act! What are you talking about?!’”

At this point Cameron explains to the actor that only he thought the line sounded weird. Schwarzenegger added that the director told him, “‘That’s not the case. The great thing about it is that you sound different than me or Charlie over there. That’s what makes it work. So just say times. Say it differently. I’ll keep rolling the camera. Then we’ll pick one. So they’re set and I say: ‘(Bland ) I’ll be back…(Happy) I’ll be back Yes! … (guttural) I’ll make a sound…’ That sounds stupid.”

But once the hit movie hits theaters and the lines become a pain point for fans, the rest is history.

As for the future of the Terminator , the actor also offered to THR revealed, “The franchise isn’t done. I’ve had enough. I heard the message clearly: When it comes to Terminator , the world wants to move on with a different theme.”



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