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Ars Behemoth ‒ Episode 6

What do you think of Episode 6 of

Giant Beasts of Ars ?

Community Score: 3.6 © DMM .com・Asahi Production/Giant Beasts of Ars Production Committee

Episode 6 took the necessary steps to up the emotional stakes of the season, but the show still Not quite successful with this.

The good parts here are definitely solid. I think we all know that the moment Kumi bursts out of the secret lab, what happens there will be revealed. Additionally, the numbered entry in her name indicates that she is the test subject of some kind of experiment or program involving a large number of other samples. So it’s no surprise here that it’s revealed that she has an opposite twin. She was visibly shocked to find out that there were others like her, which is to be expected when you meet your surprise twin, who reluctantly cast black magic around and growl for your death .

The series also made some on upup Choose your power stakes wisely. Shots of magically removing critters and climbers are stunning. It’s especially frustrating to see the Climbers get killed, because they’re an interesting bunch, and the world-building behind them on a more personal scale is good stuff.

The problem I’m having is whether the fight is or is it too muted. Another huge generic error comes up, but it’s completely underwhelming. Likewise, the battle between Jiro and Facade doesn’t feel impactful enough. They fought a few times, but it felt like the whole thing could have been more exciting. A three-spear thrust doesn’t make for a memorable battle.

Similarly, the planning of imperial rulers at the macro level Types are not just fillers. Everything is so distant and uninteresting at this point, and the combination of their obvious whiskers adds little to the intrigue.

Curious to see what the red priest is- inside Lining the room though, looks interesting. Hope we can see more in the future.


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