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Art Company Towards the Future Part 6 of the Web Series

The Moving Business Art Company broadcasts the sixth episode series sci-fi Animated Short Sunday. The ad depicts a future moving with a gadget maker, strongly suggesting she is the future self of the heroine, Izumi, overcoming a downturn.

The short film tells the touching story of a girl named Izumi who meets a robot named A-. The robot that takes her on a trip to the future. Izumi is voiced by Kana Hanazawa (Akane is from, Kuroneko is from), while A-bot is voiced by Akira Ishida (from Kaworu, from Kikuhiko).

According to the project’s website, at least nine episodes are planned in total.

Like the first four short films, the animation was created by Studio Bind (). The second episode is a collaboration between Studio Bind and Scroll 2 . Awa Takao() is the director of episodes 4-6, while

Kazuya Aiura () directed the first three episodes.

Prologue short titled “Interlude ” Directed by Nobu Horimoto (Director, Animation Director and Unit Director) at signal.MD. Tetsuya Wakabayashi of Sherpa Creative Partner has been the creative director for each of the short films to date, while Hori has designed the characters.

Source: MoCa News



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