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As judge sentences Gervonta Davis to jail, his team is called in for failing to keep promises

Boxing fans can look forward to Devin Haney, who scored a big win against Vasyl Lomachenko, soon will be in the ring again. His potential opponent has been lined up and many speculate it is Gervonta Davis. Mainly because, Davis’ team has shown interest in sending a trade to Haney’s team, so it will be interesting to see where it goes. Even Tank’s lifelong coach Calvin Ford assured fans that a fight between Hammy and Davis would definitely happen. Of course, both boxers are at the top of their respective classes.

Haney is currently the undisputed lightweight champion, while Davis holds the WBA world lightweight title. But at the moment, there doesn’t appear to be any updates, as Davis is incarcerated after violating house arrest. On the night of November 2020, Gervonta Davis was arrested in a hit-and-run and was charged with nearly 14 traffic violations. Davis was on trial at the time, and after the verdict, just a month earlier, he was placed under house arrest for three months.

But Davis is suspected of violating his house arrest and has not even completed a month, and he must serve the remainder of his sentence in prison. As a result of this unfortunate incident, it turned out that Davis’ team would not be able to deliver on their promises.


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Gervonta Davis’s team wants to make Tank vs. Haney a reality

Tank’s life coach Calvin Ford has talked about it many times Over the tank’s foreground Tank and Harney fight. Ford’s first hint at the much-anticipated match came before Haney took on Lomachenko. Ford spoke with on April 28 about this matter. He said, “These fights are going to happen. They just have to keep doing what they need to do to improve their numbers and make it meaningful.”

‘s talk) ESNEWS , Calvin Ford was asked again about a potential fight after Haney’s unanimous decision win over Loma. Interviewer Elie Seckbach also told him that Haney’s former opponent, Jorge Linares, sided with Tank in order to beat Haney by KO. To that, Ford said, ” They really don’t want that fight to tell you the truth. ” He added, They will wait for the number to see if it is necessary for the round to happen.

But Tank’s jail time may have hampered the arrangement of the round so far. Plus, just hours earlier, Davis did an Instagram Live from his cell and called the judge who sent him “crazy” while explaining his situation.

On the other hand, Devon Haney’s father, Bill Haney, contradicted Ford in an interview. The Bills shed some light on the matter by revealing an update on their negotiations with Davis’ team. fight

Bill Haney taking time out with AKHi TV, and he was then asked what happened to the potential “tank” fight with Haney, and if that was going to happen next. So Bill Haney joked that “there was a paper airplane flying by their door,” but unfortunately, it didn’t stop for them. But then he got serious and revealed that he hadn’t received anything yet.


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Bill said, ” They never sent me anything, they never gave me any sign that something was on the way, be careful. ” He also said that he only heard about it now, just like the interviewer. According to Beal, Davis’ team has yet to attempt to contact them.


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FINALLY TIRED Rumors and heresy, he concludes, ” So to me, it’s just talk. ” Well, “Tanks “The main reason for the team to keep a low profile is about Haney’s fight, which could now be his jail term. So it’s still uncertain whether ‘Tank’s will be close to Haney’s until their boxer gets fit again. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments section.

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