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'As many eyes as possible on the scene': Moen is targeting millennial homeowners with new ads and innovations as the generation looks for their first home

Moen, a maker of faucets, tub and shower fixtures, and other bathroom and kitchen equipment, hopes to capture the attention of millennial homeowners. The pipeline brand, founded in 1956, hopes to do just that with new TV commercials as well as digital and social ads.

Now that millennials are homeowners — or are starting to be homeowners in some less-expensive markets — the brand is looking to cater to these audiences. Moen is targeting millennials because they now make up the largest share of homebuyers, accounting for 37% of the market, according to the National Association of Realtors.

The company is also aiming to appeal to millennials by introducing innovative methods of hands-free temperature control. Thanks to this innovation, they now offer handleless smart faucets for those who don’t want it. The company’s new ad, produced by Havas Chicago, highlights the new Moen Smart Faucet with Motion Control.

“Reach is a huge advantage of broadcast TV, so one of our goals is to get as many Moen paid media director Brittany Neish as possible. The “King Midas” campaign kicked off on August 8, Includes TV commercials as well as digital and social media ads. Havas Chicago has partnered with production houses Smuggler, Unit + Sofa and Studio Bearnaise to create the ad space.

In the context of the creative platform and branding campaign launched in 2018 , this edition builds on the previous messaging, This Is Water Designs Our Lives. Who Designs For Water? Havas Chicago considers situations, people, and metaphors that can tell a compelling but relevant story about the experience Story

“We knew we wanted this work to continue in the same spirit while telling a deeper story around this particular product launch,” said Myra Naussbaum, COO and President, Havas Chicago. “We wanted an idea that would showcase the impressive functionality of the faucet, while also conveying the joyful satisfaction of using it. “

It’s unclear how much of its advertising budget it has allocated to Naussbaum’s campaigns. Neish won’t share overall budget details. As of 2022, Moen’s marketing efforts are underway, according to Pathmatics. Spent just over $3.6 million. Neish noted that the ads will appear on social channels like Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Pinterest.

Moen isn’t the only brand targeting young homeowners. As As Digiday previously reported, home insurance provider Hippo recently used a personal approach to reach millennial homeowners. Metaforce co-founder Alan Adamson ( Allen Adamson) said: “It makes sense to target older millennials because they will be buying and renovating homes. “

Moen is not only targeting millennial homeowners with its ads, but its products as well. Smart home technology is seen by these audiences as a status symbol, but millennials also don’t want to Enjoy the latest technology while compromising on style. Consumers expect home furnishing brands to offer innovative and purposeful products and services, as well as aesthetically pleasing designs that make home life easier and safer.

“Reality Yes, we are entering a world where consumers want everything to be smart,” said Joe Anthony, founder and CEO of Hero Collective. “You have smart cars, smartphones, smart homes, why not smart faucets? ”

  • ‘As many eyes on the spot’: Moen is targeting millennial homeowners with new ads, innovations as the generation seeks their first homes



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